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Clever and durable solutions that will promote
your brand image in an impressive way.

Advertising Constant Pressure Tent

Advertising tents

Our flagship product is custom printed advertising tents, indispensable during events, trade shows, and other industry events. We can print them with elements of your company’s visual identification, making it recognisable.

Fan Tent
Pascal Arch

Pascal Line

These are constant pressure inflatable carriers that do not require an external power source. Their smooth rigid surface provides an excellent backdrop for your prints.

Fan Arch

Fan Line

These are inflatables with a fan, which is the heart of the product. They impress with their size and effectively attract attention, and a large surface creates many printing possibilities.

Event accessories
and seats

No event can go without them. Different seating models and attractive additions create a perfect setting for outdoor events. Individual printing will give your promotional materials a corporate character.

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How do we work?

We create one team with the client, whose goal is to carry out a project that brings benefits.
Thanks to this, our work makes sense, carries lasting business value, and brings satisfaction.

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Inventini – clever outdoor advertising and more…

Outdoor advertising is a world where there are new solutions almost every day. To attract attention, you need to stand out. Sometimes the standard is already too little. We can also meet your expectations by preparing a new product on a special order.

Our specialty is inflatable advertising structures – we use fan-based or constant pressure technology. We work with aluminium frames to create unusual stands, counters, and displays. This way, unique solutions are created – promotional items of different shapes, sizes, and applications.

Fan Pillar – Jar – Majonez
Pascal Easter Egg
Pascal Pillar – Bottle – Milkshake

We reproduce your products on a macro scale, we create advertising carriers for a specific dimension, adjusting them perfectly to the space in which they are to appear. This way, you do not lose even a centimetre of valuable exhibition space!

We design complete, unique equipment for outdoor exhibition stands, trade fairs, events or relaxation zones. With us, you will create exactly the outdoor advertising carriers you need.

Outdoor advertising is the dominant part of our offer, but it would not be complete without universal indoor and outdoor solutions. That’s why our portfolio also includes display advertising structures: roll-ups, stands, walls, counters or totems.

Pascal Pillar – Rocket

Do you have an idea for an unusual advertising medium?

Present it to us and together we will shape your project!

Advertising Carriers andVvisual Identification

Visual identification is extremely important in the daily operations of every company. At Inventini, we know very well that the way your company presents itself has a big impact on its perception by potential clients and contractors. That is why we offer you solutions that will not only help you be remembered but also stand out and be fully consistent with the vision of your enterprise.

At Inventini we will create for you, among others, advertising tents, arches, pillars, tables, balloons or seating. The fabric printing we deal with allows you to transform individual products into a business card for your company. They become advertising carriers – part of your brand’s promotional message. It has long been known that trade tents or advertising arches are a surface that can act like the best billboard. The fact that they appear in the background of a sports, cultural or other type of event only strengthens the desired effect. Moreover, such a colourful advertising feature can make a customer visit and remember your stand.

Outdoor Advertising Carriers (Outdoor)

At Inventini, we print using modern digital technologies that combine high quality with durability of printing and care for the environment. This way, you can be sure that your advertising, e.g. grandstand, bands, advertising balloons, will long delight with a riot of perfect colours. Our products are distinguished by exceptional design and user comfort. A great example will be, for example, the complete Pascal event stand, very easy to transport and set up within just 20 minutes.

Quality, precision and accuracy are our distinguishing features. That is why, on guard of the quality of Inventini’s advertising carriers, there is an extensive control process. Each product is checked at all stages of production and additionally before shipment. On special order, we will also prepare replicas of your products or customised advertising pillars. If you expect non-standard solutions, different sizes, colours, shapes or completely new products, let us know. We will be happy to undertake the implementation of your order!

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