INVENTINI manufactures advertising products based on printed textiles.

To our major products belong tents, advertising seats, flags and advertising parasols.

In addition, the company produces advertising gadgets such as pillows, advertising screens, advertising bags, and structures that serve as a spine for textile materials (styrofoam, foam, steel, aluminum, wood).

In its trade INVENTINI is considered one of the greatest innovators in creating new products.

An important asset of INVENTINI is the complexity and flexibility of customer service. We approach each customer individually.
This attitude wins the favor of our customers and decides that many of them will become our regular customers.

Meet us, test how we work and join other satisfied customers.

How do we work


In the first phase of the work we try to gain maximum knowledge about the order and the client for whom the task will be performed. For this purpose our customer service asks a number of questions which help in accurate fulfillment of the order.


The customer service together with the creation department and the production, elaborate a strategy for order accomplishment. Each order requires an individual approach to the customer. Moreover, it provides an optimal solution in terms of functionality, cost-effectiveness and visual effectiveness.


In the first stage, the design team prepares an artwork. Then the customer receives a 3D visual of the product together with a photo of the surroundings where the event will take place.


As soon as the project has been approved by the customer, the order goes into production: The production process consists of 4 stages:
  • production and preparation of suitable structures and frames
  • individual printing of the textiles in accordance with the customer´s graphic
  • sewing work
  • assembly of products


Prior to shipment of the completed order, each product is inspected by the quality control team. At all stages of implementation, the order is supervised by the customer service. Finally, the logistics department ensures that the order is delivered to the customer safely and within the agreed deadline.

Who do we work for?




We are really surprised by the excellent service. Starting with the phone call and ending with the punctual delivery - everything was in order. Once I have the opportunity to recommend your services, I will do it without hesitation.

Krzysztof Brambor - Ground Game


Inventini distinguishes professionalism, commitment and passion. PEOPLE make out a good company and the right people in the right place is the definition of INVENTINI. Each of our orders is completed on time, qualitatively processed and delivered safely within the agreed time frame. Do you have a last minute order? No one will take the order within your deadline? No one will take the risk? You've come to the right place! INVENTINI does not know the terms "NOT POSSIBLE, NO TIME, NO ... NO ... NO" Flexible, fully engaged, hardworking, well organized! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Harfa - Harryson Team


On behalf of the entire team of people who launched the first Bangkok-Thailand Ice Cream shop in 2016, I would like to thank you very much for your cooperation and any help in launching this project. Thank you for patient acceptance of our "reminders" concerning the deckchairs. Thank you for high quality deckchairs. Thank you for delivery on time. We are counting on further cooperation.

Bangkok Band - Thai Ice Cream


We made a small order at Inventini, but despite of this, we were surprised by the professional service and comprehensive approach to presenting the offer and the possibility of promoting the brand. Of course the merchandise was of very good quality and delivered on time.

Aleksandra Czekaj - Jabex company