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Our flagship products are  advertising tents with printing, as they are truly irreplaceable during various events, such as trade fairs and other kinds of industry events. We can print on them with elements of the visual identification of your company, thanks to which it is going to draw everyone’s attention.

Visual identification is extremely important in the everyday activities of any company. We know that the way your business is presented has a great influence on the way it is perceived by your potential customers and clients. That's why we provide you with solutions that will help you not only to be remembered but also to distinguish yourself and become fully coherent with your company's image.

Here at Inventini, we have the ability to manufacture tents, gates, poles, tables, balloons and seats, as well as many others. By printing on the fabrics that we use, we can turn each product into your company's showpiece, which in turn becomes an advertising medium - an integral part of your brand's promotional message. After all, it's a well-known fact that marquees or promotional structures overall can act just like the best billboards. The fact that they appear in the background of nearly every mass event of any kind only reinforces the desired effect. What's more, such a colourful and distinctive advertisement can attract customers to your stand and make them memorise you.

Outdoor advertising carriers

We are printing with the use of state of the art technologies, which combine high quality with the durability of the printout and environmental friendliness. As a result, you can rest assured that your advertising will impress with their perfect colours for a long time. Our products are distinguished by their unique appearance and comfort of use. A great example of this is the entire Pascal event stand, which is very easy to transport and set up in just 20 minutes.

Quality, precision and accuracy are our hallmarks. For this reason, the quality of the Inventini advertising carriers undergoes an extensive inspection process. Each product is checked at all stages of production and also prior to dispatch. On special request, we can also prepare replicas of your products. If you require custom solutions, different sizes, colours, shapes or completely new products, let us know. We will be happy to carry out your order!

Promotional seats

Advertising pouffes that encourage you to relax for a while. Promotional cubes, perfect for sitting, storing or displaying other types of materials. We are constantly expanding our offer!

How do we work?

We make every effort to team up and work on the same wavelength with our customers to deliver a successful project. This ensures that our work is meaningful, carries lasting business value and brings satisfaction.


1. Ordering

During the first stage of our cooperation, we tend to ask a lot of questions. This is because we want to understand your needs and expectations as closely as possible.

This allows us to prepare for the order with due care.

At this stage, the most important role falls to the Customer Service Department, which collects all the necessary materials that we use during the next stages of order processing.

2. Strategy

This stage is all about creative thinking.

The Customer Service, Production and Creative departments brainstorm together to develop a strategy on how to deliver the order.

There is no fixed procedure because every customer is different and expects different solutions. We take this into account in creating the optimal solution.

We are searching for the golden mean so that it meets expectations in terms of functionality, cost-efficiency and visual appearance.


3. Project

Now the entire process of order implementation goes to the Creative Department, which prepares the design.

When the design is complete, the customer receives a presentation of the product in the form of a 3D design model and photographic visualisations showing the products in their respective surroundings. This allows the customer to see how the product will look in the place where the customer’s planned event will take place.

This is the final stage where you can still make some adjustments to the project.

4. Production

Once the design has been approved by the customer, the Production Department proceeds to carry out the order. The production stage consists of 4 steps:

  • production of suitable structures and product frames, so that, for example, marquees have the necessary sturdiness,
  • personalised printing of materials according to a design approved by the customer,
  • process for sewing textile fabrics from robust, weather-resistant materials
  • final assembly of the product

5. Quality & logistics

Before any product is dispatched from our facility, it must be thoroughly checked by our Quality Control Department. This is because we want to make sure that everything is in perfect order.

Finally, the Logistics Department ensures that the order is delivered to the customer by secure transport and at the appointed time

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What they say about us:

Bangkok Team
rolled ice creams

On behalf of the entire team of people who launched the first Bangkok-Thailand Ice Cream shop in 2016, I would like to thank you very much for your cooperation and any help in launching this project. Thank you for your patient acceptance of our “reminders” concerning the deckchairs. Thank you for the high-quality deckchairs. Thank you for delivery on time. We are counting on further cooperation.

Krzysztof Brambor
Ground Game

We were really surprised by the excellent service. Starting with the phone call and ending with the punctual delivery – everything was in order. Once I have the opportunity to recommend your services, I will do it without hesitation.

Harfa – Harryson Team

Inventini distinguishes professionalism, commitment and passion. PEOPLE make out a good company and the right people in the right place is the definition of INVENTINI. Each of our orders is completed on time, qualitatively processed and delivered safely within the agreed time frame. Do you have a last minute order? No one will take the order within your deadline? No one will take the risk? You’ve come to the right place! INVENTINI does not know the terms “NOT POSSIBLE, NO TIME, NO … NO … NO” Flexible, fully engaged, hardworking, well organized! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Aleksandra Czekaj

We made a small order at Inventini, but despite this, we were surprised by the professional service and comprehensive approach to presenting the offer and the possibility of promoting the brand. Of course, the merchandise was of very good quality and delivered on time.

Pascal line

Innovative solutions for the advertising sector

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Our flagship products are advertising tents with printing, as they are truly irreplaceable during various events, such as trade fairs and other kinds of industry events. We can print on them with elements of the visual identification of your company, thanks to which it is going to draw everyone’s attention.


Promotional seats will be perfect in most places where your potential clients are present, and will surely attract their attention to your products like a magnet.You decide on how promotional seats look like! Would you like them to carry your logo proudly? Or maybe you prefer attracting your clients with the intriguing brand slogan? No problem!

Pascal line

Pascal line includes fixed pressure inflatable products. They stand out from other inflatables due to their quick setup and self-reliance from external power sources.

Fan line

The Fan line includes ventilated inflatable products, also known as pneumatic inflatables. They stand out from other advertising carriers due to their large advertising space and high flexibility.