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Industry-specific tents – stand out!

Every company has slightly different expectations when purchasing tents for advertising purposes. At Inventini, we strive to modify our products to meet these requirements best. As a result, our offer includes professional tents operating as industry-specific tents – adapted to the needs of a specific sector.

So we have tents for administration, trade fairs, events, banquets and ceremonies, for gastronomy, uniformed services, or sanitary services. Each of the industry-specific tents, besides its functional role, also serves as an advertisement – thanks to the possibility of applying an individual print.

Professional Tent – Modulare Tent

Specialist tents – for special tasks

Industry-specific tents have features characteristic only for one industry. A perfect example is funeral tents with a modified roof appearance and a strictly defined color scheme. Thanks to this, their purpose can be recognized at first glance.

Another group of industry-specific tents are specialist tents that meet exceptional requirements. These special order tents are prepared strictly according to the customer’s instructions. As an experienced tent manufacturer, we have many such implementations to our credit. Here we can mention, for example, a forty-meter tent for the Fire Brigade, designed based on Pascal’s constant pressure technology.

Meanwhile, in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a need to designate a space serving as a cabin for tests, vaccinations, registration, or even a place where residents of a social welfare home can safely meet with their loved ones. In this way, a medical tent was created – a cabin on a Cube structure, which can be used inside and outside under a frame tent.

Booth for Covid Test

Tents for Your industry

Sometimes exceptionally large tents are needed, with a specific shape or construction. If you need custom-made tents, call, write, and together we will develop specialist tents needed in your industry.

Professional tents – Inventini manufacturer

Regardless of the industry or model, all our tents are characterized by durability and careful workmanship. In short, our tents are professional tents designed for conducting business. Inventini advertising tents are resistant to weather conditions and come complete with anchoring sets to protect against wind gusts. Each tent has a set of bags allowing free transport and storage of the product.

Moreover, we provide tent service and the possibility to add functional accessories during use. You can always order additional new walls, Velcro-mounted banners, lighting, or weight sets for anchoring. All our professional tents are also covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, which lasts even 5 years.

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