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Opt for comfort – Pascal advertising hockers

The care you take to make a good impression always pays off, even during very brief meetings and conversations. In such a situation, your client should feel comfortable. The Pascal hocker – a bar stool from our line will ensure comfort, even when time is pressing.

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Don’t neglect small advertising spaces – stools with print

The strength lies in the details, especially in marketing, where attention to detail and micro-moments count. Such a beautiful and important detail could be your printed Pascal stool. You will practically utilise its entire surface to convey what is important for your brand – mission, values, logo. Thanks to appropriately prepared graphics, stools will beautifully compose with other elements of your stand, information point, reception, or relaxation area.

Custom hockers – why is it worth it?

The stool doesn’t lag behind the beauty of traditional furniture (it somewhat resembles bar stools) but has many good features which these pieces of furniture lack. Above all, it folds to a small size, making it easy to carry, transport, and store. Also, unfolding the stool will take you no more than a minute (assuming you use an electric pump). The stool’s construction, despite its lightness, ensures exceptional stability and comfort of use.

Inflatable Hockers – Stools –  Powiat Kraśnicki
Inflatable Hockers – Stools –  FI

Inventini – leading manufacturer of advertising stools

At Inventini, we continually seek clever and trouble-free promotional solutions. The Pascal stool is certainly such a solution. Our technology for constant pressure structures in TPU foil allowed us to create a durable, solid, and functional seat. The whole has been covered with a coating of impregnated polyester, which forms an excellent base for individual prints. Thanks to this, the stool acquires an advertising character. We print using digital sublimation, ensuring excellent results both in terms of colour reproduction and detail precision. Moreover, the inks we use are safe for the environment.

Where will the Pascal stool work best?

Use the Pascal stool whenever you have little space, you want to comfort the client even during a short meeting, or you carry out activities outside the company’s headquarters. Our stools will be perfect as:

  • seats in a temporary reception or information point,
  • or during a quick meal as bar stools.

Alongside stools, it’s worth setting up inflatable seats, as well as comfortable catering tables. In this way, not only a reception point is created, but also a relaxation zone.

Pascal Inflatable Hockers Video



Transport dimensions


Low hocker

46 cm

50 cm

46 x 46 x 25 cm

5,4 kg

High hocker

46 cm

70 cm

46 x 46 x 25 cm

5,5 kg

The set includes: a TPU foil insert, a polyester fabric cover, a repair kit, a bag.

Inflating Valve
Main Light Switch – Pillar and Hocker
Cover Fastening – Pillar, Catering Table, Counter, Hocker

Practical accessories

LED lighting – Counter, Hocker, Catering Table

LED Lighting (for hocker 70 cm only)

Electric Pump 1300W

1300W electric pump

Pompka Elektryczna 600 W

600W electric pump

Hand pump

Hand pump

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Key information

Icon Number Of People

You’ll set it up yourself

Icon Time of Setting Up

You’ll set it up within 1 minute

Icon Tools

You need a pump

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing

Icon TPU

TPU foil insert

Icon Construction

Reinforcements with OSB and MDF

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