Medical Tents

Medical Tents

Medical tents – a requirement in pandemic times

The Covid-19 pandemic clearly showed that medical tents are an incredibly simple and, at the same time, effective way to organize and support healthcare services. They have proven useful in many places, becoming the foundation for establishing sample collection sites for testing and conducting vaccinations. They have allowed local governments and health facilities to respond rapidly to threats. At Inventini, we have prepared two convenient solutions that can be used during a pandemic.

Medical Tent – Green
Medical Tent – Booth for Covid Test

Small medical tent – testing booth

The COVID-19 testing booth is a practical solution for use in public places – in workplaces, offices, schools, and nurseries. It can also serve as a medical tent, allocating space in a company or office. The product provides appropriate conditions for taking measurements, such as temperature, and collecting samples for testing for the virus.

Features of the booth:

  • durable, medical tent on a simple cube-type frame
  • floor integrated with the walls using Velcro
  • wall with doors that close with a zipper
  • wall with a window and practical sleeves for taking measurements or samples
  • external pockets for test material/samples/accessories
  • external counter 30 cm wide
  • optionally, weights stabilising the structure.

The Covid testing booth is a simple solution that will work in a workplace – it can be set up in the lobby, vestibule, or outside under cover.

Protective tent – other applications

Based on a cube-type structure, the medical tent can be appropriately expanded. There is the possibility of using any cube configuration and changing the cube dimensions. Moreover, nothing prevents the functionality of the walls from being specified as your institution or company needs.

We can implement any arrangement of windows, doors, or blinds. As a result, the modified cube tent can serve as a changing room, waiting room, patient resting place, meeting place, e.g., for nursing home residents.

Vaccination booth

Vaccination booth

Booth for meetings with nursing home residents

Booth for meetings with nursing home residents

Isolation room, resting place after vaccination

Isolation room, resting place after vaccination

Dressing room for employees

Dressing room for employees

Medical Tent – Modular Tent – White

Modular Medical Tent

This solution is more advanced – it allows for obtaining different sizes of medical tents. This is thanks to the modular construction of the tent, which allows adding a selected number of elements.

Features of the tent:

  • durable, medical tent with a structure based on inflatable constant pressure ribs and aluminum reinforcements
  • modular construction allows for creating a space of the desired size
  • simple walls create a convenient workspace
  • possibility of ordering a PVC floor, walls with windows, mosquito nets, or blinds.

Inventini – experienced manufacturer of medical tents

During the design of our protective tents, we used many years of experience in preparing this type of advertising construction – advertising tents. We know how important ease of use and durability of products are, so we place a strong emphasis on these features. We carefully choose materials and the way they are joined.

As a result, regardless of the model, tents are easy to assemble, transport and store, made of strong materials resistant to atmospheric conditions. We can put any print on the tents – not only logos, but also extensive instructions-information. The latter can be interchangeable thanks to banners attached with Velcro.

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