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How can I place an order?

Send it by e-mail to one of our traders or an office e-mail. We will take care of its introduction and send a return email with a link to confirm the order and start production.

How to pay for the order?

After confirming the order, the system automatically generates a proforma for payment.

What is the bank account number for deposits?

account EUR:
Bank: ING Bank Śląski S.A. ING O. w Rybniku
Bill number: PL 54 1050 1403 1000 0024 1499 5254

How will my product be delivered?

Depending on the type of product and the size of the order, we use courier services. By standard we send our products by courier DPD or Raben. Of course, you can also receive your own and a dedicated courier.

What is the deadline for the order?

The deadline depends on the type of product and the quantities ordered. It is determined when the order is finally approved in the ERP system. The current production is set to max. 10 business days for seats, frame tents and FAN lines. For the Pascal line, it's max 14 business days. We are flexible in terms of deadlines, so if you need a different lead time than suggested, we will try to find a more favorable solution.

What is the ERP system?

ERP is our internal system serving min. to handle orders. It allows us to communicate with clients, track individual production processes, ensure timely actions and guarantee our clients access to current information.

In which format should you send the graphic?

It is best to send the graphic in vector format (AI, CDR, EPS). Large files please send via wetransfer

Do you work all over Europe?

Yes, we work for clients from all over europe

How are the complaints dealt with?

We will consider them promptly based on the submitted photo documentation and a description of the damage. Damage is subject to evaluation and preliminary analysis, and qualifications. The response time for the complaint is 14 days and 14 days for repair (statutory time), but we always try to do it immediately. Everything is done in accordance with applicable regulations and warranty records

How to pitch a tent?

Why do you produce aluminum tents?

Aluminum tents are lighter than traditional steel ones and are easier to transport, and they do not corrode.

Are the tents refractory?

We have the option of using a special flame retardant fabric that has fire retardancy.

Is the tent waterproof?

Yes, we use waterproof materials.

What to do as the cover will be damaged?

Contact us. You can use the repair service or complaints procedure.

What is the guarantee?

Check the warranty terms on the page warranty.

How to fix a tent to the ground and protect it from the wind?

Familiarize yourself with the instruction manual.

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