Event Tents

Event Tents

Event tents – for every occasion

The expression „event tents” is incredibly versatile, as „event” can encompass various occasions. At Inventini, we offer a broad range of printed event tents that you can utilize during exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, festivals, and more. Regardless of your chosen model, meticulous craftsmanship and ease of use set them apart.

Event tents will also make your event space look attractive. Firstly, they help organise the space and add an intriguing element to any event. You can boldly place various prints on the tents, such as the company logo or other graphics related to its activities. Use them to promote your brand or thank sponsors.

Event Tent – Startent Tent – At Night
Event Tent – Nadleśnictwo Bielsk

Fair tent – tent for local gatherings

The pop-up tent will be a bullseye if you need a multifunctional lightweight tent for various meetings. It serves excellently as a fair tent. Its structure ensures convenient to use: folding, unfolding, carrying, and storing, while the covering allows the creation of personalized, customized advertising for you. All elements of the covering: the roof, valance, and walls, can become your advertising banners. Moreover, we can print on both sides!

Exhibition tent – show yourself during exhibitions and industry trade shows

Exhibitions and industry events require particularly careful preparation. Your booth should attract attention from afar. If the presentation is outdoors, it’s worth reaching for an impressive exhibition inflatable tent, for example, the intriguing Pascal constant pressure tent or the imposing Fan inflatable tent. Such pneumatic exhibition tents provide a unique effect – they arouse curiosity with their shape and prints.

Constant-pressure Tent Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza
Event Tent Startent Stage

Party tent – choose the star of the party

Party tents must be, first, portable and, second, spacious. They should accommodate crowds of people thirsty for fun or seeking rest. It’s worth casting our star in this role: the Startent tent. Its soaring construction provides ample space and a sense of expansiveness at the same time. Furthermore, it is available in several versions: with one, two, or three masts and as a stage-type party tent.

Tents from Inventini

Our event tents stand out for their careful craftsmanship and material selection. We prioritize the trouble-free use of our products, which means durability and practical, clever solutions. We make the covering from high-quality polyester fabric that has been additionally impregnated.

For print realization, we use an innovative digital printing technique, thanks to which the graphics do not fade and always impress with their professional appearance. All our advertising tents are equipped with practical bags for carrying and storing and appropriate anchoring sets.

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