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Advertising seats – both a seat and an advertisement

Promotional seats refers to a range of products, and unusual advertising carriers, which can be fully personalised. They are an excellent addition to relaxation or conversation areas. They will work well in both relaxation corners created inside buildings and in external areas designated for peaceful and comfortable spending.

With Inventini you have many practical and elegant options to choose from. You can equip your relaxation area with comfortable sun deckchairs, advertising chairs, Sako pouffes, cubes or even inflatable seats. And if you need something unique, we will design a seat especially for you.

Advertising Seats – Deckchairs – Zakwasownik

Printed deckchairs

How to encourage customers to stay longer at your booth during trade shows or other events? Go for deckchairs! It’s a clear invitation for the customer to stop at your offer, which is an opportunity to start a conversation. And this is best done in comfortable conditions – comfortably seated. Moreover, loungers can carry a logo or other print associated with the brand. Even when they stand “empty”, they fulfil an important function – advertising!

Filled and foldable cubes

Cubes are real multifunctional gadgets for special tasks. They replace pouffes, tables, and display walls or can also help delineate spaces. A wall of filled cubes allows for multiple, quick changes in the message – after all, each cube has 6 sides, which can be covered with different graphics. Moreover, structures made of cubes are light and safe and even invite play. Therefore, you can use them in areas designated for the youngest customers. Our foldable Yoga cubes will serve as storage and advertising seats. That’s great!

Advertising Seats – Cubes –  MOSiR
Beer Box Seat Heineken

Beer crate covers

Beer crate seats are a practical way to arrange the space in a beer garden, bar or restaurant in an interesting way. As a basis for this solution, you use what you already have – beer crates. We will prepare comfortable top for crate, so that an atmospheric and comfortable seat is created. What’s more, the crate will still be able to fulfil its basic function – a place to store drinks. To give the whole thing a corporate touch, each seat has an individually designed imprint!

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Bean bags with advertising print

These modern advertising tools are directly associated with comfort, rest, and even lounging. Their arrangement is a clear message – we invite you to maximum relaxation. Sitting on a beanbags, it’s hard to assume a “business” position, so they will work best where a relaxed atmosphere is to prevail. Are you looking for modern and unconventional tools for promoting your own brand? Do you want to reinforce the image of a brand that is open, relaxed, friendly? Reach for bean bags with your print.

Advertising Seats Bean bags / Sako
Advertising Inflatables – Inflatable Seats – Sofas and Hockers

Inflatable Pascal seats – sofas, armchairs, hockers

Pascal promotional seats are pleasantly light and, at the same time, comfortable – like full-size furniture. They can also replace traditional furniture outside the company’s headquarters during various events. You decide on the appearance of advertising seats! Do you want your company’s logo to be displayed on them proudly? Or perhaps you prefer to attract customers with an intriguing advertising slogan? No problem – we will prepare and implement a project for you!

Inventini – experienced manufacturer of advertising seats

Ensure a coherent and effective visual identification of your company with us! We are an experienced manufacturer of advertsing seats and other marketing materials. Therefore, you can trust us. We will create comfortable and robust deckhairs, beanbags, cubes, and even director’s chairs, sofas and armchairs for you. Our extensive offer of shapes, patterns and colours ensures that you will find something to suit your needs. We maintain quality and robust execution throughout the process of each order.

We use damage-resistant materials and high-quality printing, guaranteeing perfect colour reproduction and high resistance to wear and fading. We will execute your order quickly and efficiently, and before its implementation, we will create a graphic design and visualization for you, ensuring that you will be satisfied with the final result.

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