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Many functions, one product – Pascal advertising counters

Whether it’s a counter, reception desk, office, table, or storage for materials – the Pascal counter surprises with a multitude of usage possibilities. By incorporating your unique print, you’re introducing your brand to a multi-functional piece of advertising furniture that’s guaranteed to turn heads and draw your customers’ attention.

Advertising Counter – Mniej Więcej
Product descriptionSpecification
Advertising Counter – Kumi

Multi-purpose advertising space

The multifaceted uses of the counter offer ample opportunities to display your message. The taut, sleek surface of the podium’s top and sides serves as an ideal canvas for highlighting logos, images, graphics, or even more detailed marketing narratives. Additionally, with the capability to incorporate lighting, your message will continue to shine brightly, even when night falls.

Advertising counters – why is it worth it?

The primary functional benefit of the counter lies in its impressive stability, despite being foldable. You can safely arrange marketing materials or a coffee set without fretting over potential mishaps. The counter also lends itself as a handy support for fostering comfortable conversations. Nestled at the rear of the counter, you’ll find practical shelves for stowing away gadgets or paperwork. If you wish to conceal this storage area, simply shut the flap with its lock.

An intriguing feature of the counter is the foil inset tabletop, which safeguards the advertising podium’s top from unsightly dirt and stains. When it comes to transportation and manoeuvrability, this inflatable advertisement is a breeze to handle. Assembling the display stand is equally straightforward, requiring no specialised technical skills – virtually anyone can manage it with ease.

Pascal Counters
Advertising Counter – Kopalnia Złota

Inventini – experienced print on advertising counters manufacturer

Our advertising counters are crafted with elegance, simplicity, and durability in mind. The structure of the counter comprises two tabletops and a pair of air-filled tubes, all encased in an impregnated polyester fabric covering. This combination ensures a product that’s not only stable but also suitable for outdoor use. If the surface is uneven, it’s a simple matter of adjusting the legs. The quality of our work doesn’t stop there; it’s also evident in our prints. We utilise environmentally friendly sublimation printing for our advertising counters, resulting in vivid, long- lasting colours and a meticulous capture of even the smallest details.

Where will the Pascal counter work best?

Pascal counters serve as an incredibly versatile asset, proving themselves indispensable in a wide array of applications. They excel in contexts such as:

  • Trade fairs
  • Local fairs
  • Open days at schools and workplaces
  • Stationary ticket sales
  • Guest registration during various events
  • Serving meals at temporary food outlets
Advertising Counter – Virst




Transport dimensions



118 cm

53 cm

110 cm

120 x 55 x 15 cm

19,5 kg

The set includes: polyurethane insert, polyester fabric cover, repair kit, transport bag.

Inflating Valve
Cover Fastening – Pillar, Catering Table, Counter, Hocker
Adjustable Legs – Catering Table and Counter
Advertising Counter – Back – Shelfs

Practical add-ons

Electric Pump 1300W

Electric pump

Additional foil on the top

Additional foil on the top

LED lighting – Counter, Hocker, Catering Table

LED Lighting

Torba Na Trybunkę

Bag for the counter with wheels

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Key information

Icon Number Of People

You can set up by yourself

Icon Time of Setting Up

You can set up within 4 minutes

Icon Tools

You need a pump

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing

Icon TPU

TPU foil insert

Icon Construction

OSB and MDF board

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