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Do you dream of an inflatable advertisement that will distinguish your brand? Do you want to tame the element of air? You have just found the right manufacturer. Inventini’s offer includes large-format standard solutions – arches, pillars, balloons, and those designed for special tasks.

Particularly noteworthy due to the enormous possibilities of brand promotion are the rectangular arch, the arched arch, and the multi-angle arch. The print surface of inflatables, such as the start arch, can be up to 100 m2! All standard inflatable advertisements can be personalized or freely shaped, giving them authorial features promoting the brand.

What’s more, we will fill any shape with air, e.g. imitating your product – on special order we create inflatable bottles, cans, jars or bags with sweets and snacks.

Inflatable advertisements are made of fabric with increased resistance to mechanical damage and are packed in handy bags. This makes it easy and quick to set them up anywhere. Inflatable advertisements, considering their significant size, are also definitely lighter than traditional advertising articles of the same size.

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Arches with advertising print

Due to their size – height- inflatable arches are an ideal background for the exposition of logos of organizers and sponsors of events and other advertising content.
They dominate the surroundings, attracting the attention of passers-by – potential customers. All of this makes the arch with print perfect as an inflatable advertisement. Inventini arches are made of high-quality materials, so they are resistant to weather conditions, aesthetic and safe.

Inflatable Advertising – Arches
Inflatable Advertising – Pillars Aurimentum

Pillars with advertising print

Inflatable pillars with advertising print are easy to use and, at the same time, an effective solution. They will work wherever you have little ground space to set up an advertisement – the small base compensates for the significant height of the inflatable advertisement. As a result, the pillar rises above the crowd of passers-by, and your message remains visible. Durable materials, and various mounting systems make you can safely use the inflatable pillars even in places with a lot of traffic.

Do you need an extraordinary inflatable advertisement?

Dmuchane Reklamy RakietaDmuchane Reklamy Rakieta

Inflatable advertisements created for you

Are you looking for an original way to advertise? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Bet on inflatable advertisements that effectively catch your customers’ eyes. Remember, however, that our standard offer is not everything!

If you need something special, which will ensure a “wow” effect during trade fairs, conferences or outdoor events, we will gladly undertake this task. Contact us and we will be happy to create an inflatable advertisement for you, tailored to your business.

Avertising Inflatables – Balloon – Mielewczyk

Balloons with advertising print

Balloons with company print are true advertising giants, they have only one task – to expose your advertising message. Thanks to their significant dimensions and eye-catching shapes, they perfectly perform such a task.
You can put any print on them, e.g. a company logo, company prints, graphics or an advertising slogan. Balloons are made of high-quality materials, so they will last for a long time. You can easily and quickly unfold them – just turn on the fan or the pump and secure your inflatable advertisement to the ground.

Constant-pressure ball

The inflatable ball will successfully replace a fan balloon, so you can reach for it wherever you do not have permanent access to electricity. And the high base of the ball will give your brand great exposure – the whole thing will be visible from a distance. The ball is available in two sizes.

Advertising Ball Inventini
Advertising Inflatables – Christmas Boubles – Florian

Inflatable decorations for Christmas and Easter

Inflatable advertisements also work great as Christmas decorations. In our range, you will find both a gigantic Easter Egg, obviously designed with Easter in mind, as well as Christmas baubles in two sizes.

Discover our practical inflatable furniture

Stoliki Pascal Tło
Advertising Inflatables – Counters – Altstadt

Constant-pressure inflatable Podiums/Counters

This is a very aesthetic and practical event furniture piece, which will serve as an information point, reception or simply a tasting location. It’s hard to believe that the structure of this product consists of two inflatable, airtight tubes. The podium/counter is a perfect example of inflatable advertising, which you can also use as an exhibition stand element.

Constant-pressure inflatable tables

Pascal tables are practical and stable pieces of furniture that you can easily fold and unfold. Besides their basic function, the advertising aspect is also key. The table top and its sides can be used to display your promotional content. Inflatable tables are available in two sizes.

Catering Table Virst
Advertising Inflatables – Inflatable Seats – Sofas and Hockers

Inflatable Seating

Inflatable advertising can also serve as comfortable seating. Lightweight seating furniture can be used during meetings outside the company premises: at events organised both indoors and outdoors. We offer two- and multi-person sofas, spacious armchairs and bar stools/hockers in two heights.

Inventini inflatable advertising – two lines

Our inflatable advertisements are made in two technologies – fan and constant pressure, which correspond to two product lines: Fan (from the English fan) and Pascal, referring to the unit of pressure measurement. Each of them has different properties and, consequently, application possibilities. Get to know them better to choose the one that meets your needs.

Inflatable advertising with a fan – Fan Line

Inflatable advertisements from this line stand out with their large size, making them visible above the crowd. They gain their shape thanks to the use of a fan that directs air inside. Despite their significant size, they remain light and easy to fold and unfold. They provide a tight, elegant advertising surface, although they are relatively soft themselves.

Inflatable Advertising – Fan Line
Inflatable Advertising – Pascal Line

Inflatable advertising – Pascal Line

Inflatable advertisements from this line are characterised by modern, slender shapes that are hard to ignore. Pascal’s structure consists of a gas-tight TPU insert, and an outer layer of impregnated polyester, precisely adjusted to the inner insert. Constant pressure products are light and very rigid, which allows for their easy transport even when inflated. Pascals do not need constant connection to electricity.

Inflatables – Inventini Manufacturer

The balloons, pneumatic arches and other inflatable advertisements we produce are characterised by high quality and solid workmanship. For their production, we use tear-resistant materials – waterproof PVC, as well as polyester and polyurethane. Thanks to them, your inflatable advertisements will serve you at more than one cultural or sports event. We also ensure high-quality, yet environmentally friendly printing, which guarantees vibrant, intense colours and exceptional resistance to fading.
See for yourself!


When you order inflatables – Inventini Manufacturer not only sends you the product you ordered, but also a set of accessories that will facilitate the assembly and transport of your tent, balloon or start arch. We include, among other things, a sturdy, zippered bag, as well as pins, anchors and guy lines, which ensure stability and safe use.
Inflatable advertising from Inventini is a guarantee of convenience and smart solutions.

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