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Advertising Cubes – advertising to the third power

What sets advertising cubes apart from other advertising media? The answer to this question is brilliantly simple – functionality. In our opinion, the most appreciated promotional gadgets are those that carry additional value for the user in addition to a marketing message. Especially appreciated is the opportunity for rest and fun. Advertising cubes are practical gadgets that can serve many different functions. You can use them as poufs, advertising tables, photo walls, or a way to define a specific area.

We also have cubes that serve as storage for advertising materials.

A whole range of benefits is hidden under the modest name „advertising cubes”. A wide range of sizes and shapes further enhances this. In standard, we offer filled cubes, rectangular solids, foam, or styrofoam cylinders. A separate group is cubed that can be folded, also in an enlarged size, i.e., rectangular solids. Make sure to check out our offer!

Advertising Cubes – Cavatina Group

Foam and styrofoam cubes with print

Our flagship product is multifunctional cubes with filling. They provide an excellent basis for a comfortable entertainment or relaxation area. Practically, you can build such an area with persistence using our advertising cubes! How is it possible? We’ll hint: smaller advertising cubes will serve as seats and larger ones – can serve as tables. A few cubes with appropriately selected print are already a way to create a children’s puzzle.

We offer cubes with print, whose construction is based on upholstery foam or styrofoam cube. Both types of filling along with precise sewing allow for perfect presentation of graphics. In addition to cubes, we also offer filled with foam or styrofoam cylinders and rectangular solids.

Cubes – storage or Yoga Cube

The Yoga advertising cube conveys a completely different design philosophy than in the case of filled cubes. Although the name and shape are similar, they differ in functionality.
Advertising Yoga cube has been designed as a comfortable and durable folding seat with storage. Inside, you can store gadgets, marketing materials, or documents (easily fits A4 size). Such functionality is especially useful during marketing activities in a small space, where every centimeter is worth its weight in gold.

A cube with print obviously plays another
important role. It is a carrier of your advertising message. Both the lid of the cube and its walls are the background for your logo, slogan or other graphics. It’s worth paying attention to one more fact, the cube with the print has a fully removable outer cover. You can not only change it depending on the circumstances, but it is also easy to clean.

Advertising Cubes Yoga PZŻ

Inventini – manufacturer of advertising cubes

As a leading manufacturer of cubes with print, we make every effort to ensure that the seats we design, fully meet the individual expectations of our customers. We approach each order with great attention. As a result, we achieve excellent results – advertising cubes that are excellent in terms of aesthetic and functional. We believe that only high-quality marketing materials ensure the advertising success of our clients. There are no compromises here!

We carefully control the whole process – from the quality of ordered materials, through visualization, print, sewing, assembly, up to preparation for shipment. Product acceptance is multi-stage, which means that we are sure that the cube with the print handed over in your hands, is exactly what you need and expect.

What’s more, your advertising cubes are made in a process that, thanks to our ERP system, is completely transparent to you. You know what’s happening at a given moment, so you can calmly wait for your order.

Our goal is for the products to be maximally useful – durable and functional, that’s why in the case of cubes with print you can
order both the cover and the construction itself. This allows you to use the product many times for advertising purposes – e.g. by changing the graphics.

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