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Inflatable tents – focused on the wow effect

This fact cannot be hidden. Inflatable tents attract attention and create an impressive effect. In a way, they have a breath of freshness, even though they are products that are well-tested and proven during many events. So where does this interest come from? The unusual design certainly has an impact – in the case of Inventini inflatable tents, the shape of an igloo or a traditional barn.

But in our opinion, human curiosity also comes into play. Immediately a question arises – how does it work? And the answer is relatively simple – air. Inventini offers two types of solutions that use this element, which are represented by two independent product lines – Fan and Pascal. Let’s get to know them better!

Inflatable Tent with Fan – Marquardt

Fan Tents

An impressive – balloon-like – silhouette characterizes fan inflatable tents. They are large and somehow give the impression of being cozy. Fan advertising tents are sometimes referred to as spider tents because their legs joining at the top somewhat resemble the limbs of a powerful arachnid. Their heart is a fan that blows air into the fabric structure. The fan must constantly work for the inflatable tent to maintain its shape. And that’s all, and it’s that simple, yet intriguing.

Fan tents provide an intriguing surface for displaying advertising prints. You can place them on the roof, walls, and powerful tent legs.

Pascal Tents

They are slimmer than inflatable tents with fans, making them seem more elegant. In addition, most of the tent’s legs are covered by the roof lining. The tent structure consists of constant pressure inserts – TPU foil balloons covered with a polyester cover. The whole thing is so well matched that one layer perfectly adheres to the other. Once inflated, the inflatable tent no longer needs to be connected to electricity.

You can cover Pascal tents with prints – they look especially beautiful on the roof and walls, and in some cases, we also place them on the roof extension surrounding the legs. Everything depends on needs and design!

Inflatable Tent – Pascal Tent – Palenica
Advertising Tent – Modular Tent – Fire Brigade

Pascal Modular Tent

Its shape resembles a “modern barn”, and this is deliberate. Thanks to this, the tent has more space, and the walls are straight. These features make the modular tent comfortable to use and provide a good surface for advertising exposure. Each tent’s “ribs” has been prepared using constant pressure technology – it is a gas-tight insert with a foil cover. The most important value of this Pascal is its modular structure. Depending on your needs, you can use one or several modules.

Inventini inflatable tent manufacturer

We have been working “with air” for many years, during which time hundreds of inflatable tents have left our company. Some we prepared as standard solutions, and others were created on special order. We have on our production account large 10-meter Fan spiders and completely small Pascal 3×3 tents.

We tested many solutions, giving us the knowledge and experience to offer you unique, effective, and durable products. We are also happy to undertake orders of a special nature.

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