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Relaxation and promotion – promotional deckchairs with print

A advertising deckchair is not only a comfortable place to sit, but also an original way to promote your company. You can put your logo or any graphics on it, in full color. Combine business with pleasure – promotion and relaxation!

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Advertising Deckchairs With Additional Fabric

Practical advertising space – a advertising deckchair with a print

Promotional deckchairs are an excellent marketing tool that combines various functions. They have a practical application and the fabric they are made of serves as a basis for presenting the company’s name and logo or catchy advertising message. We offer professional digital prints on the entire surface of the deckchair.

In addition, you can choose from several options for additional prints, thanks to which the available advertising space significantly increases. At Inventini, we make:

  • deckchairs with double-sided print,
  • deckchairs with an additional long fabric at the back,
  • deckchairs with an additional fabric at the back or front.

It’s worth reaching for these options, as they provide the opportunity for advertising even when someone is resting on the deckchair.

Wooden promotional deckchairs – why is it worth it?

All our printed deckchairs have a solid, wooden structure, carefully finished and protected from the weather. A stable frame and high-quality fabrics withstand a load of up to 120kg.

The Inventini promotional deckchair is easy and safe to use, among other things, thanks to the mechanism preventing it from folding.

Our offer includes standard wooden promotional deckchairs, and promotional deckchairs with armrests.

Deckchair covers can be changed, so you can adjust your advertising message to current needs.

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Inventini – a leading manufacturer of promotional deckchairs

As an experienced manufacturer of promotional deckchairs, we know how important the utility values ​​of such products are. At Inventini we use durable wooden frames and strong polyester fabrics with the possibility of advertising printing. We print in sublimation printing technology, the quality of which has been confirmed by the OEKO certificate. This means the graphics have vivid colors and precise details, and the print is environmentally friendly.

We provide professional advice in preparing graphic designs and present the expected effect in the form of 3D visualizations. This way, before starting production, you know what your promotional deckchair will look like. We produce from one piece!

Where will the promotional deckchair work best?

Inventini deckchairs are comfortable advertising seats that give rest to tired participants of your event. Deckchairs will be perfect during:

  • local fairs and sports events,
  • music events and festivals,
  • occasional parties, weddings, outdoor ceremonies,
  • any event where there is a relaxation zone.

You can also use deckchairs in the relaxation area located in a hotel or restaurant garden. Guests will appreciate the opportunity for a pleasant siesta.

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Transport dimensions


Standard deckchair

57 cm

86 – 96 cm

61 – 86 cm

119 x 57 x 6 cm

2,5 kg

Deckchair with armrest

60 cm

92 – 99 cm

66 – 77 cm

131 x 60 x 7 cm

4 kg

Advertising Deckchair – Detail
Advertising Deckchair – Detail
Advertising Deckchair Standard – Detail

Practical accessories

Deckchairs – Additional short fabric at the front

Additional short fabric at the front

Deckchairs – Additional short fabric at the back

Additional short fabric at the back

Deckchairs – Additional long fabric at the back

Additional long fabric at the back

Deckchairs – Double-sided print

Double-sided print

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Key information

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Icon Construction

Wooden construction

Icon We Care About The Environment

We care about the environment

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