Advertising Sofas

Advertising Sofas

For two, for a group – inflatable advertising sofas

If the concept of your corporate event is integration, printed sofas are a bullseye in marketing. An inflatable sofa provides a place for communal relaxation or feasting and, at the same time, subtly advertises your brand.

Advertising Sofas – Inflatable Sofas  Isometric
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Advertising Sofas – Inflatable Sofas – Elektrolux

Resting advertising space – inflatable sofas with print

It has been known for a long time that seats also serve an excellent advertising function. “Comfortably” located furniture pieces attract customers yearning for rest while subtly advertising the brand. This same principle works in the case of our sofa, which was created with marketing in mind.

In the case of the traditional inflatable couch, all of its surface, except for the bottom, can serve as a background for advertising messages. It particularly stands out on the high seat base and backrest. However, nothing prevents the marketing message from appearing directly on the seat. The U Sofa, in contrast, can be covered with graphics across the entire surface without exception.

Printed sofas – why is it worth it?

Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to unfold, carry and transport are the main advantages of Pascal advertising sofas. Such a set of assets makes them perfect for all outdoor events. Pascal inflatable couches have been created in two different versions. The classic sofa is a traditional solution resembling home furniture and even invites you to a joint coffee. That’s why you can use it for business conversations.

The U Sofa, on the other hand, is a modern, designer idea that catches the eye and invites relaxation. It has a horseshoe shape, thus enabling eye contact for people who have chosen it as a place of relaxation. Choose the right shape of the sofa, corresponding to the character of your event!

Inflatable U Sofa Linz
Inflatable Sof Kreuz

Inventini – a reliable manufacturer of advertising sofas

Pascal sofas are very carefully designed and made products. To achieve beautiful lines and the expected shape of the furniture, we had to adjust the TPU film structure to the upholstery cut precisely. The result? Customers can’t believe these are inflatable, not traditional, upholstered furniture. The aesthetic values of the sofas are highlighted by the print, which we perform using sublimation. It ensures beautiful colour reproduction and graphics precision, and at the same time, it’s environmentally friendly. However, design isn’t everything, and durability is also important. This is guaranteed by strong polyester fabric and a thick TPU film insert.

Where will advertising sofas work best?

Pascal inflatable sofas will mainly work during all events organised outside the company’s permanent headquarters. Use them when you want your customers to experience a moment of pleasant relaxation, e.g., during:

  • trade fairs,
  • outdoor events.

Our furniture looks great in sets – inflatable sofas and armchairs along with hockers and tables make an interesting, comprehensive solution for relaxation zones.

Advertising Inflatable Sofa Meet & Chill




Transport dimensions


Sofa – couch

160 cm

90 cm

75 cm

50 x 40 x 25 cm

6,5 kg

U Sofa

220 cm

185 cm

45 cm

50 x 40 x 25 cm

4 kg

The set includes: TPU foil insert, polyester fabric cover, repair kit, bag.

Get to know the sofa models

Traditional sofa

With its shape, the Pascal Sofa pays homage to traditional upholstered sofas. It allows for a comfortable, yet still formal position, so you can use it during outdoor business discussions. Such furniture will provide an appropriate, elegant setting for outdoor meetings while being exceptionally easy to disassemble and transport.

Advertising Sofa – Couch – Schlueter

U-shaped Sofa

The U sofa is an inflatable piece of furniture designed for group meetings of a less formal nature. The U shape ensures that all people using the seat will face each other. This is a solution, for example, for brainstorming sessions or team-building games. The sofa will also be popular with children.

Advertising U Sofa – Jeep

Practical Accessories

Electric Pump 1300W

1300 W electric pump

Pompka Elektryczna 600 W

600 W electric pump

Hand pump

Hand pump

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Key information

Icon Number Of People

You will set it up yourself

Icon Time of Setting Up

You can set it up in 4 minutes

Icon Tools

You need a pump

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Icon TPU

TPU foil insert

Icon We Care About The Environment

We care about the environment

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