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Comfortable seating prepared in the spirit of Zero West. It turns an ordinary drinks crate into both a functional piece of furniture and a unique form of advertising. It is an excellent choice for breweries, pubs or beer gardens.

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Beer Box Seats Brewing

Comfortable advertising space

Due to their unusual solution, the beer box seats attract attention. Many customers even seem surprised that an ordinary crate can be used in this way. It is essential to turn this surprise and interest into a marketing success. All that is needed is a promotional print on the seat. Such a seat with bottles is also an excellent advertising gadget to hand out to key customers.

Beer crate seat – why is it worth it?

This advertising gadget is extremely simple to construct and use. It instantly changes the way ordinary beer crates are used. Wooden rungs attached to the underside of the seat prevent it from moving. This makes the advertising seat not only comfortable, but also safe.

Beer Box Seat Zipfer
Beer Box Seat Embroidery

Inventini proven beer box seat manufacturer

It is no exaggeration to say that we have already produced thousands of these gadgets. Our biggest customers are foreign breweries. They appreciate not only the durability and simplicity of this solution, but also the careful workmanship. The key element of the seat is durable plywood and PE foam filling. The whole is covered with fabric – a choice of polyester or eco leather. We offer sublimation or latex printing  as standard, but embroidery can also be provided on special request.

Where will the beer box seat work best?

Our seats will work best in their natural environment, i.e. wherever beer is served:

  • in pubs and restaurants
  • in beer gardens
  • during feasts and other events
  • in breweries.
Beer Crate Seat Colibri





Beer box seat

40 cm

30 cm

7 cm

1 kg

Beer box not included.

Other sizes available on request. We recommend that you send us your beer crate in order to match the seat to your specific product.

Beer Box Seat Detail
Beer Box Seat Detail
Beer Box Seat Detail

Wondering how the beer box seat will look with your graphics?

We will prepare a visualisation for you.

Key information

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric or eco-leather

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation or latex printing

Icon Construction

Plywood construction

Icon – Filling

PU foam filling

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