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Advertising Arches – yes, right here

Advertising arches start appearing in our landscape as the season for running or racing events approaches. They are a great signal that something fantastic is about to happen right here, right now. Like a magnet, they attract our attention, gathering competitors, spectators, and media outlets covering the event. This phenomenon cannot be overlooked; it must be harnessed for advertising purposes.

Inventini offers several types of arches with varying shapes, sizes, and manufacturing technologies. The largest of them spans over 11 meters wide, offering tremendous advertising opportunities. You can place your ad on the crossbeam and arch legs, as well as specially created banners or screens, set in the arch’s light. Get to know our arches and choose the one that suits you best.

Advertising Arch – Działoszyn

Fan advertising arch

The imposing silhouette of the Fan Advertising Arch towers over streets and sidewalks. This type of arch can span over 11 meters wide, comfortably accommodating two lanes of traffic beneath it. Despite its impressive size, the arches are lightweight and easy to assemble. Its shape ensures a fan built into the cladding. The robust legs and, most importantly, the upper crossbeam of the arch are ideal for displaying logos of event organisers and sponsors. The Fan Advertising Arch is available in three sizes and two shapes: rectangle and polygon.

Pascal advertising arch

Pascal advertising arches are not as huge as the Fan arches; they have a slim silhouette and take up less space at the base. This sleek shape and airtight construction enable their use under difficult conditions: in narrow streets or far from power sources. Once inflated, the arch remains rigid, and all graphic elements look perfect on it. The Pascal advertising arch is available in three sizes and two shapes: rectangle and polygon.

Pascal Arch – Kaczmarek
4in1 ZIP Arch

Multifunctional Arch

The ZIP multifunctional arch is a modified Pascal arch. A simple procedure has enabled us to create a product you can use as a standard arch or three separate standing ads. It’s a 4-in-1 advertising solution that lets you adapt your product to your current situation. It’s particularly useful when you’re not entirely sure what conditions you can expect at the event location. The arch is available in two versions: rectangle and polygon, and in two sizes.

Inventini – Advertising Arches Manufacturer

As an experienced manufacturer of advertising arches, we understand that they appear at critical points during events. That’s why they must be safe and reliable. Each arch is made from durable materials: strong, impregnated polyester, and for Pascal arches, thicker TPU foil. We pay special attention to the durability of fastenings and how the eyelets for guy ropes and anchors are sewn in.

As a result, our inflatable advertisements are resistant to damage, even in high-traffic areas. Moreover, we offer different arch anchoring types: anchors, sandbags, or cast-iron weights. That means you can erect the arch on grass, concrete, or asphalt. You will find the solution you need with us.

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