Foldable Cubes

Foldable Cubes

Foldable Yoga Cube – a multifunctional product and excellent advertisement

The foldable Yoga Cube is a true must-have, wherever both the advertising effect and the ability to make the best possible use of space counts. It is impressive, occupies little space, and can serve many functions.

Foldable Cube Isometric
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Foldable Cube – Virst

Yoga Cube – cubic advertising

You can use the foldable cube for advertising purposes in at least two ways. The first is quite obvious. The smooth material cube can be covered with your print. The slogan, logo, additional graphics, photos – only your imagination is the limit. Secondly, the cube is a great hideaway for marketing materials, helping to keep order during various events where you advertise your company.

Foldable cube – why is it worth it?

The name Yoga Cube refers to the art of Indian meditation, during which the human body “folds” into various positions. Like the person during Yoga, the Yoga Cube also folds during use – this is its greatest advantage. Compared to the standard pouf cube, it takes up (when folded) only a quarter of the space, allowing you to bring more things.

Advertising cubes can serve primarily as seats, tables, or furniture for product display. Of course, they also function as a hideaway. The Yoga Cube cover can be completely removed (also the seat) and cleaned. This also allows changing the graphics to another one under various circumstances. Each cube has an additional stiff bottom, which inserted inside prevents folding.

Foldable Cube – Yoga Cube
Foldable Cube – Yoga Cube – 5 seconds

Inventini – a leading manufacturer of foldable cubes

We have long sought solutions that would allow the creation of a cube that is comfortable to use, durable, yet economical. We listened to the needs of our customers, and as a result, a cube was created whose cover you can completely remove. Its construction comprises durable OSB plates (seat) and HDF (sides). Don’t worry. Inside you won’t see any “bare” plates, as the interior has been lined with material. For comfort, we additionally upholstered the seat with foam. Yoga Cube advertising cubes are available in two versions: made of polyester fabric or eco-leather. To prepare colourful printing, we use sublimation or latex printing techniques that ensure high-quality graphics and are environmentally friendly.

Where will the foldable cube work best?

The Yoga Cube is a solution for small spaces, where the ability to use the product in various ways matters. You can use it:

  • as an advertising seat and hideaway during events outside the company headquarters,
  • in the company headquarters as a decorative, branded storage place,
  • in relaxation areas and those prepared with children in mind.
Foldable Advertising Cube – Video




Transport dimensions


Cube 40

40 cm

40 cm

40 cm

40 x 40 x 7 cm

3,3 kg

Cube 50

50 cm

50 cm

50 cm

50 x 50 x 7 cm

5,9 kg

Cuboid 40×80

80 cm

40 cm

40 cm

80 x 40 x 7 cm

6,4 kg

Cuboid 50×100

100 cm

50 cm

50 cm

100 x 50 x 7 cm

10,8 kg

Want to see what your foldable cube with print will look like?

We will prepare a 3D visualisation for you.

Key information

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric or eco-leather

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation or latex print

Icon Construction

OSB and HDF construction

Icon – Filling

Seat with foam filling

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