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Trade Fair Tents – Elegant Presentation of Your Products

It is well known that the presentation of products is a key element of commercial success. This applies to stores in the mall or e-commerce and to temporary sales points. Here comes the space for commercial tents, allowing you to display your products or services while providing shelter from the weather conditions. Trade fair tents with print will distinguish your company from the crowd of other sellers.

Trade fair tent – MTB
Trade fair tent – Lidl

Commercial tents – let yourself be noticed

Commercial tents not only serve a practical function – they protect and provide storage and product display space but also serve as an exceptional form of advertising. Thanks to individual prints, the trade fair tent becomes an information carrier. It clearly signals who is selling and what is being sold in this particular place. Professionally prepared graphics make your sales place eye-catching and attract customers. Take advantage of such a lead, preparing an advertising tent for trade fairs, festivities, fairs, or other occasional events combined with sales. The biggest players reach for trade fair tents!

Trade fair tent from Inventini – practical and durable

Whether you set up your booth occasionally or daily, the practical side of using a tent is extremely important. In our opinion, a trade fair tent should be light, easy to carry, unfold and store, and resist weather conditions. Trade fair tents from Inventini meet all these requirements. They are lighter than steel tents yet very durable. We are sure of this, so we give a 3-year warranty for the PRO construction and Premium PRO – 5 years.

The tent is easy to unfold. Hence its name, express tent. It takes only a few minutes. A practical cover for the frame, roof, and bags for the walls will help you transport it. The Inventini trade fair tent can be mounted on a hard substrate (using sand or water weights) and on soft ground. A basic anchoring set is included. We make prints using the sublimation method, which not only ensures vivid colours, and durability of colours but is also safe for you and the environment. We use high-quality eco-friendly inks for printing.

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