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Technical tents – for specialists

Many service or specialist tasks take place outside, beyond buildings. This necessitates providing appropriate working conditions, and workers, tools, and equipment need protection. Technical tents are a proven and, most importantly, simple way to achieve these goals. They protect against harsh sun, cold, rain, or wind and can be set up practically anywhere.

Work tents will be especially appreciated by representatives of the construction industry or service technicians. At your request, we can place prints on the tents, which will effectively perform a marketing function – this is a great way to advertise for developers and construction or repair companies.

Technical Tent – Rotax
Technical Tent – KME

Service tent – portable service center

A service tent is a useful installation during emergency work in the city and an essential component of some events. We are talking about rallies: cycling, car or motorcycle. Then almost every team needs a place to carry out necessary repairs quickly. The key is that it should be a quieter place: sheltered, dry. Both pop-up tents and constant pressure tents are ideal for service tents.

Work tent – Inventini Manufacturer

Advertising tents for special tasks, which are all kinds of construction and construction work, must be characterized by high quality and durability. At Inventini, we understand these needs perfectly, so we use materials resistant to adverse weather conditions to produce work tents. Strong, impregnated polyester fabric means the tents do not fear excessive sun exposure, rain, or even low temperatures. Moreover, the covers can be made of material meeting B1 fire resistance standards.

But tents are not only covered, they are primarily a construction. In the case of Inventini frame tents it is made of light aluminium, and in the case of constant pressure tents – of stronger TPU foil. Obviously, tents are a temporary installation – that’s why we ensured you can easily transport them to various places. Also, unfolding tents will not cause any difficulties – it is certainly easier than the work that will take place under their cover. Setting up a work tent takes several minutes, but remember to secure it later properly.

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