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Functionality and aesthetics – pop-up tent with print

A pop-up tent is the perfect combination of universal use and advertising effectiveness. You can use it during various tasks and occasions, while effectively promoting your brand. The pop-up tent provides comfortable shelter, demarcates space and creates a place for receiving your customers.

Pop-up Tent Isometric
Product descriptionSpecification
Pop-up Tent With Double-Sided Print

Large advertising area – frame tent as a billboard

In fact, the entire shell of the frame tent can be used as a „canvas” to display your brand’s message. The tent’s roof, valances, and walls are an ideal advertising area – they have nice proportions and good positioning in relation to the observer’s eyes. What’s more, you can easily double the print area. At Inventini, we will prepare a roof or walls printed on both sides. This solution has another advantage. Double-sided printing means that the tent lining will consist of as many as 3 layers: two outer polyester layers and an internal blocker, which prevents the „punching” of prints. Thanks to this, pop-up tents with print are even stronger!

Printed pop-up tents – why is it worth it?

The frame tent structure, also known as express, is a single entity and does not require assembly from separate elements. The name „express” obliges, so our tents can be set up quickly – they are fast assembly tents. All you have to do is spread the structure and put on and secure the lining. The practical leg extension system allows you to adjust the tent’s height. Once set up, our advertising tents stand „on their own”. They only require anchoring for safety reasons.

Practical Accessories
Pop-up Tent –  Zoo

Pop-up tents – Inventini manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of fast assembly tents, we ensure that our tents perform perfectly in various conditions. The aluminium frame and impregnated tent material are water-resistant, and the colourful print is characterised by high sun resistance (6-7 on the wool scale).

The set also includes a basic anchoring set, which protects the structure from gusts of wind. What’s more, you can purchase a special safety set for Premium PRO tents, which, in accordance with PN-EN 3782:2015-2007, allows the tent to be protected against wind gusts of up to 100 kph.

We sew our fast assembly tents in Poland, with care for careful finishing. Before you type the phrase „pop-up tents manufacturer” into the search engine again, contact our salesperson, ask about the price and available additional options.

Where will the pop-up tent work best?

Fast assembly tents are an excellent advertising tool for people who appreciate the time, comfort and low costs. It will be perfect for all kinds of:

  • fetes, small sports events,
  • exhibitions, trade fairs,
  • family celebrations,
  • mobile sales points, catering,
  • sanitary points, tents for services.
Advertising Tent – Ewa Farna

PRO Tents


Transport dimensions



3 x 3 m

25 x 25 x 160 cm

21 kg

3 x 4,5 m

25 x 33 x 160 cm

27 kg

3 x 6

25 x 44 x 160 cm

37 kg

The set includes: 45 mm aluminium frame, roof, (walls according to the order with a bag), anchoring set (spikes and guy ropes), carry bag for frame.

PRO Tent – Frame
PRO Tent – Frame
PRO Tent – Frame
PRO Tent – Frame

Premium PRO Tents


Transport dimensions



3 x 3 m

33 x 35 x 168 cm

33 kg

3 x 4,5 cm

33 x 44 x 168 cm

42 kg

3 x 6 cm

33 x 59 x 168 cm

56 kg

4 x 4

33 x 33 x 212 cm

48 kg

4 x 6 m

33 x 45 x 212 cm

62 kg

4 x 8 m

33 x 61 x 212 cm

83 kg

The set includes: 54 mm aluminium frame, roof, (walls according to the order with a bag), anchoring set (spikes and guy ropes), carry bag for frame.

Premium Pro Tent – Frame
Premium Pro Tent – Frame
Premium Pro Tent – Frame
Premium Pro Tent – Frame

Types of walls

Pop-up Tent – Full Wall

Full wall

Pop-up Tent – Wall With Doors

Wall with doors

Pop-up Tent – Half-wall


Pop-up Tent – Leg Covers

Leg covers

Pop-up Tent – Wall With Panoramic Window

Wall with panoramic window

Pop-up Tent – Wall With Two Windows

Wall with two windows

Pop-up Tent – Wall With A Window

Wall with a window

Do you have an idea for your pop-up tent with print?

Tell us about it, and we will give your vision a real shape.

Practical accessories

LED lighting

LED lighting

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting

Sand weight with the possibility of printing

Sand weight with the possibility of printing

Water weight with the possibility of printing

Water weight with the possibility of printing

Cast Iron Weight

Cast iron weight

Counter For Pop-up Tent


Atteched roof

Atteched roof

Mosquito net

Mosquito net

Window blind

Window blind

Ceiling concealing the structure

Ceiling concealing the structure

Floor – PVC

Floor - PVC

Flag holder

Flag holder

Tents Connector

Tent fastener

Carry Bag Safe With Wheels

Carry bag with wheels

Bag For Walls

Bag for walls

Safety set – fixing to the Premium PRO tent

Safety set - fixing to the Premium PRO tent

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Key information

Icon Number Of People

For smaller tents you need the help of one person, for Premium PRO 4x6,4x8 tents - two people

Icon Time of Setting Up

You can set up smaller tents within 20 minutes, Premium PR0 4x6 and 4x8 tent - within 30 minutes

Icon Tools

You need a hammer, and for Premium PRO 4x4, 4x6, 4x8 tents - also a ladder

Icon Medium difficulty setting up

Medium difficulty setting up - use the instructions

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing

Icon Construction

Aluminium construction

Icon Warranty

Warranty on the construction: PRO tents - 3 years, Premium PRO tents - 5 years

Ask about the product

PRO Tents

Premium PRO Tents

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