Tents for uniformed services

Tents for uniformed services
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Tents for uniformed services

The work of uniformed services representatives is undoubtedly not the easiest. We believe that our tents can at least slightly facilitate it. Inventini tents will work great in securing a crime scene or inspection site. They will protect it from the sun, rain, and prying eyes of passers-by, providing the team with optimal working conditions. They are also indispensable during exercises and military trips and are important during rescue operations.

Tents create a safe and clean space to save human life when for various reasons there is no time to transport to the hospital. Properly marked – professional print – they will remain visible from a distance, thus also fulfilling an informational role. In our offer, you will find: tents for the army, police tents, fire brigade tents, as well as rescue tents.

Rescue Tent
Rescue Tent – Modular Tent

Tents for the army and not only – where can tents for uniformed services be used?

We have grouped the tents for uniformed services into one, which covers various applications in various institutions. In our offer, you will find the following:

  • Police tents serving as operational tents for traffic police, and forensics.
  • Fire brigade tents, which will work as technical backrooms, mobile operational points, and tents for working on ice.
  • Rescue tents used as portable rescue points and backrooms for mass events.
  • Army tents are useful in the backroom, during exercises, and also in relief actions among civilians.

We offer both standard, multifunctional pop-up tents and constant pressure tents. Segment tents, which will work primarily as rescue tents, are particularly noteworthy.

Inventini – reliable rescue tents

We know that tents for uniformed services should be of high quality and precision. We make every effort to ensure that these are not just empty words. Our advertising tents are made durable and resistant to the effects of adverse weather conditions materials, so they work in all conditions. We also made sure that our products are easy to transport and install.

A small team can set up most of the offered models within a few minutes. Our tents can be set up practically anywhere, which is especially important in the case of rescue tents. Especially Pascal tents are used as tents for ice action. We prepare prints on tents according to individual needs or per the general book of service.

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