Advertising Armchairs

Advertising Armchairs

Look after your client – an advertising armchair Pascal

If you desire to treat your client even during an outdoor event, ensure their comfort. Inflatable armchairs with prints are a solution they’ll appreciate, especially after a day filled with activities.

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Advertising surface for individual use

The Pascal inflatable armchair was created to ensure exceptional comfort for your clients, even outdoors. This piece of furniture focuses on individual contact – face-to-face – and creates an excellent atmosphere for business discussions. But that’s not all. To fully utilise its potential, we suggest placing advertising prints on practically its entire surface (except the base). With skillfully chosen graphics, you can both highlight your brand and create a piece of furniture that perfectly harmonises with other elements of the stand or zone.

Inflatable advertising armchairs – why are they worth it?

Recreating a sense of indoor comfort in field conditions doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply opt for mobile solutions: light, easy to assemble and disassemble, and of course, comfortable. All these features perfectly match the Pascal inflatable armchair, which weighs only 4.5 kg, and you can set it up in literally two minutes (using a pump). Thanks to the unique design, the chair will be adequately rigid, stable, and elegant.

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Inventini – a reliable manufacturer of armchairs with prints

The Pascal advertising armchair is a true designer gem among our seating. Interesting curves and elegant stitching create an intriguing base for prints. Experience, precision, and passion are necessary to achieve such an effect. We have already prepared many such armchairs. Hence, we know they require strong fabric and a sturdy TPU film construction. Only such a combination makes the inflatable armchair stable and durable. The final effect is, of course, ensured by colourful, individual prints. We perform them by sublimation, which combines beautiful colours, sharpness of details with care for the environment.

Where will advertising armchairs work best?

Light, inflatable advertising armchairs will work best at all kinds of events. You can also use them in the company’s relaxation zone. Apply an armchair with a print when you want your clients to be able to spend time comfortably, i.e.,

  • after an intensive, exciting day outdoors,
  • during breaks at conferences, and training sessions.

Inventini advertising furniture looks great in larger sets that include inflatable sofas and armchairs, hockers and appropriately chosen catering tables.

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Transport dimensions


Pascal Armchair

100 cm

90 cm

75 cm

55 x 40 x 25 cm

4,5 kg

The set includes: TPU foil insert, polyester fabric covering, repair kit, bag.

Practical additions

Electric Pump 1300W

1300 W electric pump

Pompka Elektryczna 600 W

600 W electric pump

Hand pump

Hand pump

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Most important information

Icon Number Of People

You can set up by yourself

Icon Time of Setting Up

You can set up in 2 minutes

Icon Tools

You need a pump

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Icon TPU

TPU foil insert

Icon We Care About The Environment

We care for the environment

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