Advertising Flags

Advertising Flags

Visible and economical – custom printed advertising flags

Custom printed advertising flags are a lightweight and economical promotional gadget that grabs attention with movement and graphics. Their unwavering popularity is thanks to the fact that they are eye-catching, portable, and at the same time, provide a large advertising surface.

Advertising Flags Isometric
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Advertising Flags – Decathlon

Moving advertisement – advertising flag with pole

Movement grabs human attention, and an advertising flag makes excellent use of this fact. We instinctively look towards the material fluttering in the wind. Now, all that’s left is intriguing graphics and the first step in marketing is achieved – the message has reached the recipient.

Another, aptly, enormous advantage of advertising flags is that they are truly impressive. Standard gadgets of this type can reach a height of up to 400 centimetres! This means that your advertising flags will be readable from afar, as you get a large advertising space on which you can place any print and display your logo, advertising slogan, and corporate colours.

As standard, we offer advertising flags with poles in sizes M, L, and XL, in teardrop (drop flags) and wing shapes (winders, beach flags). However, if that’s not enough, we can create something original for you, such as a replica of your product or advertising sails in virtually any size. A special custom-made flag? Inventini manufacturer is happy to take on the task!

Corporate flag – why is it worth it?

A flag with a mast is a clever and hassle-free solution. It is very lightweight yet durable, so you can simultaneously move many such gadgets from place to place. Each flexible pole – regardless of size – can be used for a flag of any shape. It fits both a winder-type flag (beach flags) and a teardrop-type flag (drop flags). Assembling the flag is so simple and intuitive that it doesn’t even require instructions. All you have to do is slide the frame parts onto each other, insert the pole into the flag tunnel, attach the rubber band, and you’re done.

Corporate flags require anchoring – various solutions adapted to the situation. In our offer, you will find many practical solutions – steel bases, cross bases, feet to be hammered into the ground, and brackets attached to the tent. The base of the advertising flag can also be weighed down using a water weight, which additionally secures the flag against tipping over. The wide selection of anchors and accessories means that the number of places where you can use the flag is increasing at a dizzying pace.

Advertising Flags – Inventini
Advertising Flags and Deckchairs

Advertising flags – manufacturer

We are a company with many years of experience, and our work is distinguished by attention to every detail of even a small order. We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of graphics, printing, sewing, and overall effect. The proprietary production management system allows us to control every stage of the flag’s creation. Moreover, you also receive up-to-date information about the production stages at which your advertising flags are located. Inventini manufacturer aims at hassle-free customer service.

For the production of our printed flags and other advertising materials, we only use proven materials and production techniques. The advertising flags with poles that we offer you are made of aluminium, fibreglass, and polyester. Trade show flags are sewn from the durable polyester fabric of 110 g/m2 thickness with a very high pull-through, thanks to which the graphic is visible from every side. The fabric is fully suitable for washing. To print your logo or other design of your choice, we use eco-friendly sublimation printing, which is not only a durable option but also environmentally friendly. Vivid colours and precise details will attract customers’ attention!

Where will the flag work best?

Advertising flags are an excellent marketing solution during all kinds of events and as a sign in front of the company’s headquarters. Use them during:

  • sports competitions – to emphasise the ceremonial character of the finish line or to designate the route,
  • picnics, meetings especially on the beach, where they will provide a holiday atmosphere,
  • in front of your company’s headquarters.

Advertising flags go perfectly with other event accessories, such as an advertising wedges or advertising barriers.

Advertising Flags – Drop Flags – Barvam


Overall height

Flag height


Winder Flag M

60 cm

260 cm

220 cm

0,6 kg

Winder Flag L

70 cm

310 cm

270 cm

0,75 kg

Winder Flag XL

80 cm

400 cm

360 cm

1 kg

Drop Flag M

60 cm

230 cm

190 cm

0,5 kg

Drop Flag L

70 cm

280 cm

240 cm

0,7 kg

Drop Flag XL

80 cm

370 cm

330 cm

0,9 kg

The set includes: a pole, a flag, a cover for the pole.

Advertising Flag – Details
Advertising Flag – Details
Advertising Flag – Details
Advertising Flag – Details

Get to know the flag models

Beach flag – advertising winder

The flag resembles an elongated bird’s wing in shape, providing a lot of space for advertising use. Next to the logo and slogan on this type of advertising flag, you can also place additional graphic elements, even a photo.

Beach Flag Diłaj

Drop flag

The tear-shaped flag attracts attention thanks to its intriguing shape. However, this is a shape that requires attention when designing, as the space narrows significantly. For this reason, it is best to showcase a few elements on this type of flag – just the logo, for example.

Drop Flag – Urban

Custom-made flag

If you need an unusual size, special pole or anchor – ask! We’d love to hear your vision and propose a satisfying solution. Here you can order flags “by the metre”.

Custom-made flag

Got an idea for a flag with your print?

Tell us about it.

Practical add-ons

Cross base

Cross base

Square steel base

Square steel base



Stake with rotator

Stake with rotator

Flag holder (for pop-up tents)

Flag holder (for pop-up tents)

Weight for flag bases

Weight for flag bases

The most important information

Icon Number Of People

You will set it up yourself

Icon Time of Setting Up

You will set it up in 2 minutes

Icon Tools

You don’t need any tools

Ikona Bardzo Łatwe Rozkładanie

Very easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Icon Construction

Aluminium and fibreglass construction

Icon We Care About The Environment

We care for the environment

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