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Inflatable sofas, armchairs, and stools/hockers

Pascal inflatable seats are sets of comfortable, practical event furniture with prints. They wonderfully fulfil both an advertising and a functional role. They were created to set up a temporary office in “field conditions”.

It is in such circumstances that our sofas with armchairs and stools – hockers provide an atmosphere of comfort. This allows you to welcome your guests or clients as if you were doing it at your company’s headquarters. Opt for comfort in the field!

Inflatable Sofa – Schlueter

Pascal Sofas

Inventini’s sofas are two- or multi-seater inflatable seats with a print. Their spectacular shape ensures that they not only provide rest but also attract attention and intrigue. Interesting solutions will be whole sets: sofas with armchairs in the same graphic design.

Pascal Armchairs

Armchairs from the Pascal line act like a small private relaxation space. Just set up this inflatable piece of furniture, and the thought of resting comes by itself. A lightweight yet elegant inflatable armchair will be an excellent solution if you want to entertain your clients during an outdoor event. The armchair provides stable back and arm support and does not tip over despite its lightweight.

Pascal Armchair Velo
Pascal Hocker MXR

Pascal Hockers

There are situations when you need to “crouch” somewhere for a moment, and take a seat. These happen when serving clients at reception or information points. The same is true for short meal breaks. Then, Pascal’s stools will be just perfect. They don’t take up much space and provide basic comfort. Moreover, the perfect print will make them an excellent showcase for your brand. Pascal stools are available in two sizes – choose the one that best meets your needs.

Inflatable Sofas and Armchairs – Manufacturer Inventini

To look flawless, inflatable advertising seats require precision and experience, which is gained over time. At Inventini, we have been manufacturing inflatable furniture for many years, which results in an impressive effect. To achieve this, we combine durable materials, careful sewing and preparation of the TPU structure, and high print quality.

Each element must fit perfectly with the next. Then we get furniture that combines an advertising effect with the comfort and presentation of upholstered furniture. Inventini’s inflatable sofas, armchairs, and stools are comfortable support for your marketing success.

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