Banquet Tents

Banquet Tents

Banquet Tents – for special occasions

Special events require a special setting, and those of a solemn, elevated character require an exceptional setting. After all, a wedding or a round company anniversary must impress in every respect. If you dream of organizing such a ceremony outdoors, in a garden, or in the open air, you’ve come to the right place. Inventini offers elegant banquet tents with individual prints. In this way, you will best emphasize the character of the event.

Banquet Tents – Startent with three masts
Banquet Tents – Startent with three masts

Wedding tents – invite a star

The Startent tent was designed for unusual, elevated parties. Its impressive shape and impressive dimensions meet both conditions of the ideal wedding tent: they provide a large space and a beautiful visual effect. This makes the dream wedding just within reach. Inventini wedding tents look extremely elegant in a simple white or beige version, but the print gives the whole character. You can place a company logo, wedding graphics, or even the initials or names of the bride and groom on it.

Communion tent – simple and classy

May weather can play tricks. However, if you want to organize a party under the clouds, a communion tent will be an excellent protection against the caprices of the weather. One or several of our largest pop-up tents (4x8m) will allow for the designation of a place for serving meals, rest and play. The elegant white of the communion tent can be emphasized by stylized graphic elements printed to order.

Pop-up tent – Communion Tent

Banquet tents – Inventini manufacturer

We prepare all our products – including banquet tents – carefully, taking care of the details. This applies to aesthetic issues, the durability of materials, and ease of use. After all, it’s about being beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, our banquet tents are made of strong, tested materials: impregnated polyester, steel, or aluminum.

This ensures protection against rain, sun, and gusts of wind. At the same time, we offer products that are easy to transport and set up, so your dream event can occur practically anywhere. If you want to give your tent an individual character, we will gladly make any print for you on the whole or part of the product.

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