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Event Extras

Event extras from Inventini represent a broad, diverse range of products for all types of events. These products complement our range of tents, inflatables, and seating, as they allow for the construction of complete exhibitions, information, or sales booths.

By ordering the full set of carriers from one trusted manufacturer, you can be sure that the patterns and colours will be consistent, and everything will blend perfectly together. What’s more, you’ll avoid tedious arrangements with multiple contractors, and thanks to 3D visualisations, you can instantly assess the end result.

Event Extras Roll Up Light

Roll-up – an advertising essential

Today, it’s hard to imagine offline marketing without rollups – both their low cost and functionality make them popular. They are easy to assemble, convenient to store and transport, as well as extremely user-friendly on a daily basis. We believe such a folding banner is true advertising essential during corporate trips and events. You can literally take it anywhere and set it up in just a few dozen seconds. The large advertising space allows for an effective presentation of information about your products or services.

Photo Wall – glamour and the red carpet

Inventini’s event walls are undoubtedly one of the most impressive and largest portable tools for promoting your brand. In our offer, you’ll find two types of walls – the minimalist Straight wall and the curved Wavy Horizon wall. Each of them offers a huge advertising space. Meanwhile, the opportunity to use the wall as a backdrop for photos will make your guests feel like they’re on the red carpet. However, Inventini’s walls stand out not only in appearance – they are also extremely mobile. Every wall model fits into a handy carrying bag.

Event Extras Backwall – Kettlebell
Event Extras – Display – Tension Banner – Plant

Tension banner  – advertising among the crowds

A tension banner is a simple and proven product, essential for any trade fair or promotional event. It’s simply made for places with higher traffic. Why? Its size makes it easy to see from a distance, and its steel base makes it more stable. Despite its large size, a tension banner is a mobile device: it can be easily assembled through numbered elements, is light, and is easy to carry. The banner’s cladding is an independent element, so you can order several different graphics and adapt the message to the circumstances.

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Counter – advertising service point

A counter is an essential element of an area that is used for quick meetings with clients. With it, you can arrange a tasting point, a temporary reception or a portable customer service office. By placing company prints on the counter’s cover, you will make it an advertising carrier. The Just counter is characterized by a timeless, minimalist design that directs all attention to the graphic designed for you. The product is portable, easy to assemble and durable at the same time.

Event Extras – Counter Just
Event Extras – Display – Totem

Totem – your company’s mobile sign

An impressive and practical information carrier, which can successfully replace a traditional sign. It will work not only as a permanent element in galleries or office building lobbies, but also during events, where the temporary place occupied by a given brand needs to be marked. Its folding, yet solid construction, and battery power allow for the use of the product “in the field”, even when there is no constant access to power. The covering of the column can be changed at will, so its message will always be relevant and up-to-date.

Display Stand – a rack for balls or trophies

This compact display stand offers a stylish and practical way to showcase sporting trophies at all sorts of events, as well as at your club or company premises. At the same time, it provides a fantastic advertising space for organisers and sponsors, made all the more useful as medals or trophies are frequently photographed or filmed. An added feature of this stand is the ability to light up the entire display, thanks to battery-powered LEDs. The lighting can be controlled with a remote.

Event Extras – Diplay – Football Stand – SPNGG

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Event Extras – Display – Wedges – Jahn Ballschule

Wedges – for the pitch and beyond

The wedge is a product that has long left sports arenas and firmly settled in non-sporting events. You can use it at all sorts of events, both indoors and outdoors. To fulfil its function perfectly, place your custom graphics on it – we will design and print it according to your requirements. Inventini offers wedges with foam filling, foldable soft wedges, and sandwich- A-frame banners.

Flag – a fluttering form of advertising

The flag is a true champion of outdoor advertising. It provides a large advertising space that catches the eye as it flutters in the wind. Set up alone or in a row, it creates a pleasant backdrop for other activities or advertising media. The flag is a lightweight solution, easy to carry and store, and thanks to a wide range of various mounts, it can be used on many occasions.

Event Extras – Display – Flags
Exhibition Complete Stand Premium Set

Complete exhibition stand

Individual advertising elements catch the eye, but only a complete exhibition stand makes a real impression. Elegant furniture, tasteful backwalls in brand colors and patterning look exceptionally attractive. At Inventini we offer stands that are 100% portable, quick to unfold and fold and easy to transport. This is the ideal solution when you need a simple reception desk, a practical information desk, a temporary customer service office or a complete booth for an industry trade show.

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