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Star Tents – Spectacular effect within your reach

Star tents are carriers in which the visual effect is extraordinarily successful. They look beautiful from the outside, from a bird’s eye view, and the inside. They provide a sense of space and lightness. The larger the size of the star tent, the more this impression grows. As a result, these tents are associated with elegant outdoor receptions.

Star tents are available in two versions: with a steel or pneumatic mast, and in six sizes. Of particular note is the two-mast or three-mast star tent – each provides plenty of refined space. If you are looking for such an effect, get to know them better!

Star Tent With Single Mast

Startent or Star tent

In Inventini, star tents are named Startent, which means the same in English (star – star, tent – tent). This name reflects not only the shape but also the star character of these advertising tents. They are perfect for roofing during ceremonial outdoor events: occasional receptions, premieres, and conferences. In the traditional version, the Startent mast is a slender steel pipe. Its use makes the space seem more open – nothing obscures the views. Then you can safely use this tent during events where seating for the audience is needed.

Startent Pascal – Air Star Startent

Startent Pascal is a tent in which the traditional steel mast has been replaced by a light, durable pneumatic mast. Its use not only facilitates unfolding (especially of two-mast and three-mast star tents), but also creates additional advertising opportunities. The mast of the tent is covered with fabric, which you can print in any way. The print can both serve only as a decorative function and be a carrier for a message of a marketing nature. Everything depends on you!

Startent Pascal With Inflatable Mast

Star Tents – Inventini Manufacturer

Now that you’ve got a brief idea of the virtues that characterize star tents, the manufacturer of these tents only has to convince you of itself. Why should you choose us? Because we have many years of experience designing and preparing this type of tent. These are not ready-made constructions imported from the East but native Polish production.

We constantly test and improve our solutions to make our advertising tents durable, safe, and beautiful. We have developed a proprietary system of fasteners and anchors, and recently also a system of water weights for anchoring single-mast tents on hard ground. You can trust us!

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