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Balloons are a classic event product – lightweight, mobile and striking, they are perfect for outdoor events of all kinds. What is more, the specific silhouette of the advertising balloon is itself a fantastic backdrop for advertisements. The large and impressive surface can successfully replace traditional flags, pillars or billboards, and at the same time it is much more visually attractive than these media. T

Time for a party? Time for balloons… In our product portfolio you will find balloons made using two technologies: fan and constant pressure. Each has its advantages, which are worth exploring in order to choose the best solution for your needs.

Advertising Balloons Stine

Fan advertising ballons

Among the advantages of fan balloons, two key points come to the fore: size and ease of use. If you need a really large advertising medium, this balloon is the ideal solution. The largest offered as standard is 6 metres high and has a canopy diameter of 5 metres. But that’s not all, our giant is also extremely easy to set up: once the fan is switched on, the balloon quickly takes shape and stands up on its own. Your task is just to fix it well. Printed balloons with a fan are available in two shapes: a bulb (Bulb) and a ball with a base (Sphere) and in 5 standard sizes.

Pascal advertising balloons – new at Inventini

For a short time now, we have also been able to prepare balloons with your company logo using constant pressure technology. This means that the balloon does not have a traditional fan, but a gas-tight foil insert which you fill with air using a pump. Balloons with such a cartridge are slightly smaller than their fan-based counterparts, but they do not need a permanent connection to electricity. This feature will be particularly important if you do not have a permanent power source at your venue. Another advantage of the constant-pressure solution is that you cannot hear the fan running after unfolding. At Inventini, we offer balloons with a company logo in the shape of a light bulb with a height of 3m.

Constant Pressure Balloon Burger House

Advertising Balloons – Inventini manufacturer

As a manufacturer of advertising media, we reach for a variety of solutions in order to make our offer as versatile as possible and adaptable to different needs. This is why there are two lines of inflatable products in our portfolio – with a fan (Fan Line) and with gas-tight inserts (Pascal Line).

We have been sewing balloons with a fan since the beginning of our company. This is therefore one of the best-tested products in various conditions. The same applies to the aforementioned constant-pressure carriers (Pascal Line), which we continuously test and improve. Based on this experience and feedback from regular customers, we decided to combine the balloon shape and gas-tight insert technology. The result is a slightly smaller, but nonetheless charming and very mobile inflatable balloon.

In both cases, we use the same material – impregnated polyester – which ensures not only the durability of the products, but also the high quality of the prints. Because it is the print that is the essence of a good advertising medium. First, our graphic designers prepare an individual design for you, and then the design is transferred to the material using sublimation printing technology. In the case of balloons, the design must be very precise so that the graphic looks perfect on all sides, including at the seams.

Proven materials and solutions, an experienced team and feedback from satisfied customers are the best recommendation for our balloons!

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