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Advertising pillars – where people gather

The totemic structure of an advertising pillar stimulates “tribal instincts”, which makes people eager to gather around this medium. It attracts attention from a distance, with the right size and graphics playing a large role. A perfectly prepared pillar will also be an elegant and interesting element for photos or films.

That’s why it’s worth investing in an advertising pillar that will be not only durable, stable, but also eye-catching. Here, an experienced advertising pillar manufacturer like us is the best choice! In the Inventini range, there are pillars made using various technologies and of different sizes. Check out what we’ve prepared!

Advertising Pillar – Fan Pillar – Mar-Mar

Fan advertising pillar

This advertising pillar stands out with a powerful silhouette and exceptionally simple operation. It owes this to the technology used for its preparation. The “heart” of the pillar is a fan, thanks to which it maintains its shape – the air tenses the polyester fabric, and the pillar virtually stands up by itself. Therefore, setting it up is childishly simple. At the same time, the pillar with a fan provides a large surface on which your advertising message can be placed. We are happy to prepare something special for you!

Pascal advertising pillar

Our customers are often surprised by the fact that this is an inflatable pillar. Once inflated, it remains rigid, and the outer fabric is perfectly taut. This makes the pillar an excellent backdrop for various types of advertising messages. These features are owed to the constant pressure technology used for its creation. The pillar’s structure is a foil balloon onto which a perfectly fitting polyester fabric has been pulled. The pillar has a rigid base, which makes it easy to set up and secure.

Advertising Pillars – Constant-pressure Pillars – Fi

Advertising Pillars – Inventini manufacturer

At Inventini, we emphasise ensuring that our inflatable advertisements are trouble-free and easy to use. That’s why we focus on the quality of solutions and materials. We use various technologies to achieve the best results. Advertising pillars are a great example: durable, light, and easy to fold and transport.

At the same time, despite their lightness, they can have impressive sizes – even up to 6m. As an experienced advertising pillar manufacturer, we can also propose unusual solutions, such as a pillar in the shape of a can, bottle, or tube. Looking for a more complicated shape? Ask about our offer!

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