Advertising Totem

Advertising Totem

Instead of a signboard – advertising totems

An advertising totem is a carrier that, as the name suggests, is intended to highlight the fact that a particular brand is located right here. It therefore serves a similar role to an advertising signboard, but is placed on the ground.

Advertising Totem – Cafe
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Advertising Totems – Rally

Illuminated advertising surface – advertising totem

Every element of our totem made of the fabric allows for placing an advertising message. This applies to both the base and the main part of the carrier. In total, over 3m2 of the well-exposed surface is available. High-quality sublimation printing allows for even the most original projects, and LED lighting will strengthen the visual effect.

Moreover, the totem’s cover is an independent element that can be replaced with one needed at a given moment. Our carriers’ appropriate height ensures they are exactly at eye level. Your client does not need to raise their head to notice your company.

Advertising totem – why is it worth it?

You can use the Inventini advertising totem on many occasions. It was designed to work both indoors and outdoors. The stable base is also equipped with eyes for securing pegs (included), so you can anchor the product in the soft ground outdoors.

On the other hand, battery lighting means you don’t need constant access to electricity. The switched on totem will light up when it gets dark, as it is equipped with a dusk sensor. The whole is extremely easy to assemble and easy to transport – we have equipped the product with convenient carrying bags.

Advertising Totem – Inventini
Advertising Totem – 42km

Inventini – manufacturer of advertising totems

The Totem – Inventini advertising totem is our product, created based on car rallies’ experience. Their organisers wanted to mark the places designated for individual teams simply and elegantly. They chose the form of a totem for this purpose. Why? Because they were looking for a lightweight, easy-to-assemble, not too large, but still visible from afar carrier. Designing our totem, we followed these premises. And since the product was to be used outdoors, we ensured it was more resistant to weather conditions.

The Inventini advertising totem has a solid, durable construction. The base is a box made of plywood. This is the base of the whole totem, as the lighting with power supply and the structure supporting the graphics – a folding aluminium skeleton – are attached to it.

Where will the advertising totem work best?

The advertising totem is a universal carrier that works indoors and occasionally in the field. You can set up your totem, for example:

  • in a gallery in front of a shop or service point,
  • at an exhibition stand during industry fairs,
  • during events taking place outdoors, also after dusk.

It’s worth setting up a totem in the vicinity of other branded event additions.

Advertising Totem With Lighting




Base height


Advertising Totem

50 cm

207 cm

50 cm

11 cm

14 kg

The set includes bags for the frame and base and 4 pegs for anchoring.

Are you interested in our totem and want to see what it will look like with your graphics?

We will prepare a 3D visualization for you.

Key information

Icon Number Of People

You will set it up yourself

Icon Time of Setting Up

You will set it up in 10 minutes

Icon Tools

You need a hammer to secure the pegs

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy settin up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Icon Construction

Plywood and aluminium construction

Icon We Care About The Environment

Plywood and aluminium construction

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