Promotional Counter

Promotional Counter

Quite the treat – a promotional counter

A collapsible counter will allow for quick and stylish arrangement of a client meeting area. It will successfully replace traditional furniture outside the company’s headquarters, while also serving as a key advertising medium.

Promotional Counter Just –  Rolling Rollers
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Promotional Counter Just – Garmin

Advertising focal point – counter with print

The entire structure of the counter is covered with material, which means you can use it entirely for advertising purposes. We will place the graphic you chose on the countertop and the sides of the counter, making it a carrier of promotional content and an elegant event furniture piece. This also creates a good starting point for other marketing activities: presenting printed materials or conversing with clients.

Promotional counters – why is it worth it?

A counter with a print not only catches the eye with excellent graphics but is also easy to use and transport. All you have to do is screw the legs into the tabletop and fold it together. This is very important during the organisation of various events, especially outside the company’s headquarters, where comfort and time are important. Unlike similar solutions on the market, the counter is stable and will easily withstand a weight of 50 kg. That’s a lot of marketing materials. Surprise your competitors and opt for a practical, functional advertisement in a unique edition!

Promotional Counter Just – Garmin – Blue
Promotional Counter Just – Piękne Miasto

Inventini – manufacturer of printed promotional counters

Since the counter is supposed to support human interactions, it must be ready for such contacts.
We designed our counter to be a comfortable and stable place for conversations, display of materials, or drinking coffee. The Just counter has two strong countertops – one on top, one on the bottom – connected with 4 foldable aluminium legs.

We made the counter cover from stretch – a flexible material that facilitates putting the cover on the frame. To emphasise the elegance, the material was „tailored”, that is, narrowed in the space between the countertops. It is worth mentioning that we made promotional countertops from a polymer plate derived from recycling. But that’s not our only nod to the „green side”: the inks we use to prepare graphics are also environmentally friendly.

Where will the counter work best?

A promotional counter will be handy wherever you need to quickly arrange a meeting place with a client, employee, or contractor.
You will use it:

-in the company’s headquarters as a temporary information point or for the display of materials,
-outside the headquarters, where you plan to have short conversations with clients.
The promotional counter looks best in the company of other branded event add-ons.

Promotional Counter Just – Details





Just Counter

90 cm

100 cm

40 cm

9  kg

The set includes a bag for the counter.

Promotional Counter – Just – Details
Promotional Counter – Just – Details
Promotional Counter – Just – Details
Promotional Counter – Just – Details

Want to see what the counter with your print will look like?

We will show it to you in 3D visualization.

Most important information

Icon Number Of People

You will set it up yourself

Icon Time of Setting Up

You will set it up within 10 minutes

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You don’t need any tools

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric - stretch

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Icon Construction

Polymer plate and aluminium construction

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We care about the environment

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