Bean bags

Bean bags

Comfortable and functional – bean bag pouffes / sako

Excellent as an advertising medium and a designer element of interior design. These are exactly what our advertising bean bag pouffes are, comfortable seats that can be successfully used at various types of events and industry events.

Sako Decathlon Rzeszów
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Bean bag –  Beton

Relaxation and advertising – bean bag pouffes / sako pouffes with print

Inventini’s printed bean bags are relatively large for seats. Moreover, practically their entire surface can be used for advertising purposes. After all, the covering of pouffes is an interesting space to place your brand, graphics or photos. The effect of such action is twofold – you get an interesting advertisement and, at the same time, a designer gadget for your relaxation zone. From now on, your brand can be associated with pleasant relaxation, and such positive associations are extremely valuable in marketing.

Bean bag pouffe / sako pouffe by Inventini – why is it worth it?

The functionality of our pouffes can best be described in two words – sweet laziness. These are products created with sitting or lounging in mind – thanks to the styrofoam filling, and they perfectly adapt to the body’s shape. Inventini offers pouffes of various shapes.

Sako pouffes are comfortable advertising seats in which one can assume a semi-reclining position. They are perfect for less formal events. A convenient addition to them is small pouffes – footrests on which you can rest your feet. Pouffe armchairs provide comfortable support for the back and an upright position for conversations, for example, a business nature. In turn, bean bag pouffes (beanbag, fatboy) are an extreme solution for relaxation. They are best suited as loungers placed in entertainment and relaxation zones.

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Bean bag – Jeżyki

Inventini – a proven manufacturer of printed pouffes

As an experienced manufacturer of printed pouffes, we can boast several completed projects. We care about the careful execution of pouffes and a wide range of possibilities from which you can choose. We produce pouffe armchairs, Sako pouffes, and bean bag pouffes in various colours and sizes, with high-quality prints of high durability.

The pouffes we produce are made of durable impregnated polyester. However, nothing prevents you from choosing the material from which we will make them for you. We are happy to undertake even the most unusual orders and create advertising pouffes according to your idea. The filling of the pouffes is styrofoam regranulate, which is incorporated into the widely appreciated zero/less waste idea.

There are both standard pouffes and pouffes with changeable covers. In the latter case, the pouffe has an insert – cover filled with regranulate – and an outer removable cover.

Where will the advertising pouffes work best?

Inventini’s bean bag pouffes / sako pouffes are the perfect advertising medium for any event with a relaxation zone for visitors. Our pouffes are very durable and therefore suitable as a permanent interior decoration, for example, in the company’s headquarters or showroom. Pouffes will also work during the following:

  • outdoor events,
  • sports events,
  • music festivals and concerts,
  • occasional parties,
  • industry fairs.
Sako Pouffes – PCC




Transport dimensions


Sako bag S

70 cm

70 cm

75 cm

70 x 70 x 75 cm

3,5 kg

Sako bag M

85 cm

85 cm

85 cm

85 x 85 x 85 cm

4,5 kg

Sako bag L

105 cm

105 cm

95 cm

105 x 105 x 95 cm

5,5 kg


60 cm

85 cm

105 cm

60 x 85 x 105 cm

4,5 kg

Double Armchair

120 cm

85 cm

105 cm

120 x 85 x 105 cm

8,5 kg


50 cm

50 cm

25 cm

50 x 50 x 25 cm

1 kg

Bean bag XL

100 cm

30 cm

140 cm

100 x 30 x 140 cm

7 kg

Bean bag XXL

140 cm

40 cm

180 cm

140 x 40 x 180 cm

8,5 kg

Learn more about the models of our bean bags

Sako pouffes

These comfortable seats with a circular base are available in three sizes S, M, L. They will work as both an armchair and a seat that allows you to take a semi-reclining position. Excellent for resting in a casual atmosphere. You can match a practical footrest to the sako pouffe.

Pouffes Sako Game

Bean bags / Beanbags

Bean bags are very large seats – laid on the ground they provide a place for several people. You can also use them as loungers. They are perfect for the beach or meadow.

Bean bag / Beanbag


They resemble classic armchairs in shape, so they have a more formal character. They allow you to take a comfortable position, as they provide good back support. Ask a salesman also about double armchairs – sofas.

Armchair and Sofa – Aperitivo

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Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

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Ikona granulat

Filling with regranulate

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Pouffes with changeable cover

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