Fan Pillars

Fan Pillars

A notice pillar in a light version

The fan pillar is the essence of simplicity in both form and operation. Visible from a distance, the pillar attracts attention, excellently exposes the message, and its assembly requires no skills. This advertisement “makes itself”. Get to know it better!

Fan Pillar Isometric
Product descriptionSpecification
Fan Pillar – Orlen

Is advertising power hidden in simplicity?

A fan pillar is simply a balloon in the shape of a cylinder. This shape provides an easy-to-use and relatively large advertising surface. It’s not strange since it’s modelled on a known and proven advertising pillar. However, with our fan pillar, you can freely modify your – changing the height, diameter, or whole shape. Particularly popular are pneumatic pillars, which are no longer pillars but elegant replicas of products. What’s more, such a medium can have its lighting.

Pneumatic pillars – why are they worth it?

Fan pillars are lightweight and extremely easy to install. Their low weight means that you can move them on your own, and when folded, they are small and very easy to transport. We will include a special zippered bag with the ordered advertising pillar to make it easier for you. It will allow you to carry the product on your shoulder freely. Additionally, setting up the pillar will not take more than a few minutes! All you need to do is plug the special fan into the socket, and the fan pillar with your logo will automatically fill with air.

Fan Pillar – Corny
Fan Pillar – Jar – Majonez Kielecki

Inventini – an experienced manufacturer of pneumatic pillars

We make pneumatic pillars from high-quality polyester fabrics, distinguished by resistance to atmospheric conditions and high resistance to tearing and other damage. Since the pillar is supposed to serve an advertising function, we pay great attention to the print quality – at Inventini, we use digital sublimation printing and environmentally friendly inks. All this means you receive a practical, aesthetic product with a wide range of customisation possibilities

Where will the fan pillar work best?

The fan pillar is a universal carrier, usable in virtually any condition with a constant power supply. It will work:

  • during all kinds of outdoor events,
  • as a form of advertising inside buildings,
  • in the lobby, during trade fairs or conferences.
Fan Pillar – OSiR



Transport dimensions


Low pillar

67 cm

200 cm

70 x 45 x 45 cm

45 x 16 x 10 cm

9,5 kg

Medium pillar

86 cm

300 cm

70 x 45 x 45 cm

45 x 16 x 10 cm

10,5 kg

High pillar

86 cm

400 cm

70 x 45 x 45 cm

45 x 16 x 10 cm

11,5 kg

The set includes: a fabric structure, a fan, an anchoring set, transport bags.

Fan – Details – Fixing
Fan – Details

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Options and practical extras

LED lighting

LED lighting

Sandweight 30kg

Sand weights

Cast Iron Weight

Cast iron weight

Double Base With Space For Weight

Double base with space for weight

Rigid Base

Rigid base

Looking for an inflatable pillar without a fan?

Meet the constant pressure pillar from the Pascal line.

The most important information

Icon Number Of People

You can set it up yourself, but it’s more comfortable with help from another person

Icon Time of Setting Up

You will set it up within 15 minutes

Icon Tools

All tools in the set

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Fan 230 V

230 V fan

Icon We Care About The Environment

We care about the environment

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