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Modern advertisement pillar – the constant pressure pillar

The constant-pressure pillar is the best evidence that it’s worth presenting a proven solution in a new light. The inflatable pillar perfectly replaces its prototype, while being elegant and lightweight. This makes it perfect for many unusual situations.

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Advertising light as air

A pillar or totem’s familiar and proven shape is a good foundation for designing modern advertising solutions. This is also the case with the constant pressure pillar. We replaced heavy construction materials with air and traditional posters with modern digital printing. In this way, the 21st-century advertising pillar was created, which ensures your brand an elegant exposure to the message. A smooth, rigid surface, different sizes, and excellent printing are simple ways to succeed.

Constant pressure pillar – why is it worth it?

What distinguishes Pascal advertising pillars from other carriers of this type? Firstly, the lightness provides the product with significant mobility. You can set up the constant pressure pillar wherever you want. Secondly, the ease of deployment. You only need to connect an electric pump and then secure the pillar. Thirdly, the possibility of any print or even product customisation, thanks to which the pillar can take the shape of your product – a bottle or a can. Additional internal lighting, a double base with a place for weights, or even a self-inflating carrier version is also available.

Pascal Pillar User’s Manual
Constant-pressure Pillars – Fit Group

Inventini – an experienced manufacturer of constant pressure pillars

Each constant pressure pillar contains a polyester cover with print and an internal insert. For these two elements to match perfectly, the precision of sewing, welding, assembly, and high print quality is required. Inventini, as an experienced manufacturer of constant pressure pillars, takes great care in each of these activities – controlling the course of processes at every stage. As a result, a product resistant to external factors and spectacular is created – in a word, what you are looking for.

Where will Pascal’s constant pressure pillars work best?

Constant-pressure pillars are simple and, therefore, universal products. They will find many applications, including during:

  • Sports, cultural, and educational events, as a way to expose the logo of the organiser and sponsors,
  • Festivals, conferences, training, e.g. as a signpost to the registration point, award collection, etc.
Constant-pressure Pillars –  Roemers and Flexx



Transport dimensions


Low pillar

67 cm

200 cm

67 x 67 x 25 cm

45 x 16 x 10 cm

11,5 kg

Medium pillar

67 cm

300 cm

67 x 67 x 25 cm

45 x 16 x 10 cm

12,5 kg

High pillar

86 cm

400 cm

86 x 86 x 25 cm

45 x 16 x 10 cm

18,5 kg

The set includes: TPU film insert, polyester fabric cover, anchoring set, hammer, repair kit, transport bags.

Inflating Valve
Safety Valve
Main Light Switch – Pillar and Hocker
Cover Fastening – Pillar, Catering Table, Counter, Hocker

Practical additions

Hand pump

Hand pump

Electric Pump 1300W

Electric pump

Sandweight 30kg

Sand weights

LED lighting

LED lighting

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Key information

Icon Number Of People

You will set it up yourself, but it is more comfortable with the help of another person

Icon Time of Setting Up

You will set it up within 15 minutes

Icon Tools

You need a pump

Icon Easy Setting Up

Easy setting up

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Icon TPU

TPU foil

Icon We Care About The Environment

We care about the environment

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