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Just a standing advertisement – tension banners

Simplicity, efficiency, and universality are the biggest advantages of an tension banner. You can place it literally in any interior where your client or contractor appears, and it is sure to be noticed.

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Tension Banner Simply 150 Chameleon

Stable advertising surface – tension banner

The tension banner is a simple information carrier with a lightweight yet stable construction. Its main advantage is a considerable print surface, which can be used for informational or promotional purposes. The freedom in choosing the graphics offers virtually unlimited possibilities to present your company, service or product. The fact that you can change the cover makes it a universal medium.

Moreover, the tension banners itself does not take up too much space. It’s a big advantage when you want to place it in a small room (the depth of the Simple Stand is only 30 cm). Thanks to a stable steel base, you can use the tension banner in a place with high pedestrian traffic.

Tension banner – why is it worth it?

Setting up the tension banner is quick and easy. Just assemble the frame (by inserting one tube into another according to the numbering), attach the base, put on the cover and pull the zipper. The process will take you no more than a few minutes, so you will appreciate the tension banner when a quick change of “scenery” is needed. The practical transport bag allows you to move the structure from place to place efficiently.

What distinguishes a tension banner from an advertising backwall? In the case of event add-ons offered by Inventini, it’s the way of ensuring the stability of the structure: straight backwalls have steel feet, and the tension banners have a solid base across the entire width of the banner with print.

Tension Banner
Tension Banner  Simply 120 Cats

Inventini – manufacturer of tension banners

From experience, we know that in some situations, you have to choose between stability and lightness of a standing advertisement. In the case of tension banners, the balance tilts towards stability. It is provided first of all by a steel posture across the entire width of the tension banner, secondly, an internal brace additionally connecting the frame of the carrier.

The interchangeable cover of the tension banner is made of polyester stretch, which ensures the appropriate durability and elasticity of the material. Thanks to this, the cover is easy to put on and elegantly wraps the frame. Such material also provides an excellent base for sublimation printing. It is worth mentioning that we perform this type of printing using ecological inks, and the result is vibrant colours and precisely reproduced graphics details.

Where will the tension banner with print work best?

The tension banner was designed for interiors, including those that are often crowded. Therefore, you can use it during:

  • industry fairs,
  • conferences,
  • in passages and corridors leading to meeting or event places.
Tension Banner Simply 60 Flower





Simply 60

60 cm

238 cm

30 cm

6,4 kg

Simply 90

90 cm

238 cm

30 cm

8 kg

Simply 120

120 cm

238 cm

30 cm

10 kg

Simply 150

150 cm

238 cm

30 cm

10,9 kg

Tension Banner Simply Construction
Tension Banner Simply Base
Tension Banner Simply – Details
Tension Banner Simply – Bag

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We will be happy to design graphics for you.

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