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Signpost for the event – fixed pressure balloon

The appearance of this advertising medium usually means one thing – there will be action. If that’s the effect you need, then a fixed pressure balloon is for you. Visible from afar, it will draw attention and attract customers to your event or stand.

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Constant Pressure Balloon Save The World

Constant-pressure balloons – for publicity, for fun

Balloons is a motif that is often used in the design of products for children. Although the Pascal Bulb balloon is not a toy, it does an excellent job of creating a happy, carefree atmosphere. It is worth exploiting this feature in the marketplace. After all, the polyester covering of the balloon is an effective place to put your advertising message. It looks best in the band in the centre of the balloon’s canopy, where the main message, e.g. a logo, can be placed. The foot of the balloon, in turn, is a good space for additional information or an intriguing design. The effect? Wow!

Pascal balloon – why is it worth it?

This product successfully falls into the category of effortless and clever marketing solutions. Its assembly and subsequent operation do not require any special skills. Once the pump has been connected, the constant pressure balloon stands up on its own; all that is needed is to anchor it properly. For this purpose, we have prepared a simple anchoring set with a hammer.

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Inventini – manufacturer of balloons with printing

After many years of experience with fan and constant-pressure inflatables, in 2023 we decided to expand our range with a completely new product – the constant-pressure balloon. We used our knowledge to create a carrier that is simple to use and impressive at the same time. We used the technological solutions known and proven in the Pascal line of products – durable polyester and TPU foil. The shape, on the other hand, was inspired by Fan Balloons – we opted for a form reminiscent of a bulb. This is how the Bulb Balloon with its gas-tight insert was created.

Where will the constant-pressure balloon work best?

The gas-tight insert balloon is the true king of parties. It will therefore find a worthy place during:

  • sporting and cultural events
  • entertainment events on beaches, meadows, in parks
  • festivals, reviews, concerts.
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Bulb Balloon


Balloon diameter

Base diameter

Transport dimensions


3 m

2,1 m

1,1 m

90 x 50 x 45 cm

50 x 25 x 20 cm

18,5 kg

The set includes: TPU film insert, polyester fabric cover, anchoring set, hammer, repair kit, transport bags.

Inflating Valve
Safety Valve
Fan Balloon – Detail

Practical accessories

Sandweight 30kg

Sand weights

Interchangeable Velcro banners

Interchangeable Velcro banners

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You can set up on your own, but it is more convenient with the help of another person

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You will set up within 30 minutes

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You need a pump

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Easy setting up

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Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

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TPU foil

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We care about the environment

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