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Are you interested in advertising tents with prints – commercial, fair, or for other events? Do you want an attractive, well-displayed graphic to distinguish your brand? We will create a unique business card for you, allowing you to attract customers and promote your brand in the best way possible.

Inventini’s product range includes traditional, well-known, and appreciated advertising frame tents, which are visually attractive and provide a large area of star-type tents and intriguing pneumatic tents that remind you of large spiders.

Due to their different nature, each the tent has different advantages; you can choose the one whose features suit you best. The key to the success of advertising tents is, of course, wonderful prints. High-quality sublimation printing will provide vivid, durable colours that will please the eye for many years.

Don’t need a print over the entire surface of the tent? Order an advertising tent with a logo whose cover has been mainly prepared from factory fabric!

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Polyester fabric

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Sublimation printing

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Express tents

Also known as frame tents are most often chosen by our customers. You will find them at virtually every outdoor event and at trade fairs, where they serve as tent shops, exhibition stands, or resting places. Their enormous popularity is the best recommendation. In our offer printed advertising frame tents are available in sizes from 3×3 to 4x8m.

Advertising Tents Smile
Advertising Tents – Pascal Tent – Kopalnia Złota

Inflatable tents – spiders

Spider tents stand out with their modern design, which like a magnet attracts the attention of passers-by or event participants. Pneumatic advertising tents from the Pascal line will delight you with their streamlined shape and easy deployment. However, their biggest advantage is their mobility – small transport sizes, which will make the whole advertising tent fit in the boot of a car. Choose the size suitable for your brand: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 or 6x6m.

Star-type tents

These are prestigious advertising tents that will highlight elegant occasional events and banquets.They resemble a star in shape, which makes them stand out among other tents. They are available in Normal and Big versions, with one, two or three masts. Choose an advertising tent in a starry version!

Advertising Tent – Startent – Diana
Advertising Tent – Startent Pascal – Red

Star-type tent with inflatable mast

This advertising tent is a successful combination of a star-type tent with Pascal technology. An inflatable mast has replaced the steel mast with the possibility of printing. What’s more, such a mast can have its lighting, which makes the advertising tent with print look attractive and remain visible at any time of the day.

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Tents with a fan

These are impressive inflatable advertising tents, which, thanks to their large dimensions will encourage everyone to take a closer look at them and look inside. To maintain their shape they need a fan and a power supply. They are exceptionally easy to set up and fold up and relatively light. An advertising tent with a fan can have a size of 4×4, 5×5 or 6x6m.

Advertising Tent – Fan Tent – Lasy Państwowe
Advertising Tent – Modular Tent – Fire Brigade

Modular tents

This is an interesting and functional combination of technology constant pressure Pascal and modular solutions. You can quickly adjust the size of the tent to current needs, adding more segments. On the other hand, simple walls make this the perfect advertising tent with a logo – the message is clear and is at eye level.

Our implementations

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If you have your own vision of a tent, want to ask about details or possibilities of realization, contact our salesperson. Together we will find the best solution.

Inventini – manufacturer of advertising tents with print

Advertising tents with print, like any other construction, under which people stay, should be solid, strong and durable. The key to this are the materials and technologies used. As the lining we mainly use polyester fabric. It is quick-drying, durable, resistant to rot, dirt or UV radiation. The structure of the tent depends on its type.

We select materials so that they are at the same time light enough and adequately durable. We use anodised aluminium (frame tents), galvanised steel (Startent), as well as TPU insert (Pascal tents). Premium Pro frame tents we produce in accordance with the standard PN-EN 13782:2015-2007. But that’s not all – in order for the colours of your logo to be durable, and the advertising tent stood out with the intensity of colours, for printing the patterns chosen by you we use eco-friendly sublimation printing.

Advertising Tent –  Puresport
Advertising Tent – Sausage

Advertising tents with logo – I order!

As an experienced manufacturer of advertising tents, we can assure you that the entire process of preparing your tent, has been developed so that the end result is in line with your expectations. Our internal, proprietary system allows us to keep control over each stage from project preparation, through printing,
sewing/welding, assembly, to shipment. Thanks to this not only can we prepare your advertising tent with print in a shorter time – work proceeds faster and more efficiently – but we also inform you about their progress. You have full control!

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