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Fan Line

Fan line

Advertising blowns

Do you dream about an advertisement that will make you stand out? Do you want to tame the element of air? Fill with air any shape that imitates your product, creating an intriguing advertisement. Inventini offer includes inflatable gates, inflatable tents and objects (products) that can be shaped freely. Dmuchańce are made of polyester fabric with enhanced resistance to mechanical damage . Packed in handy bags with a fan allow for easy and quick assembly anywhere. The surface of the print of inflatables, such as the start gate, can reach up to 158 m2. While the inflatable tent can accommodate print up to 250 m2. In our offer you can distinguish inflatable products such as rectangular gate, arch gate, polygonal gate, constant pressure tent – Pascal, fan tent – Spider. All standard blowers can be personalized or freely shaped giving them original branding features.

Advertising blowns created for you

Are you looking for the original way to advertise? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and attract people to your position during mass events? Bet on advertising blowns that effectively catch the eye of your customers. We will create for you an inflatable object that will represent your company during sports events, trade fairs and conferences, bringing to your stand crowds of people interested in your offer. Let yourself be noted and remember people in order to increase your sales! In the catalog of our company you will find a number of various inflatable products in various shapes and sizes – thanks to this you will easily find an inflatable advertising medium that will meet your expectations. Do you already know what you need? Choose the color, size and shape, and we’ll do the rest. Remember, however, that our standard offer is not everything! Do you need something extra? Would you like to show your customers an inflatable replica of your product, e.g. cans, bottles or cars? We are happy to undertake this task. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with an inflatable advertisement tailored to your business.

Why is it worth choosing Inventini advertising blowers?

Balloons, pneumatic gates and other inflatable products produced by us are characterized by high quality and solid workmanship. For their production we use tear-resistant materials – waterproof polyvinyl chloride, as well as polyester and polyurethane. Thanks to them, your event blown will serve you during many cultural events. We also care about high-quality, eco-friendly printing, which guarantees vivid, intense colors and exceptional resistance to fading. Check it out! When ordering any exhibition blowns, you get not only the product ordered by you, but also a set of accessories that will make it easier for you to assemble and transport your tent, balloon or gateway. We attach to each product, among others solid, zippered bag and a fan or a pump, as well as pins and suction cables that will provide you with stability and safety of use.