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Fan Line – fan-inflated products

Fan, in English, stands for a ventilator, which is the essence of the advertising carriers in this line. Every shape is filled with air, thanks to the built-in fans. Other distinguishing features of Fan products are impressive shapes, ease of operation, and vast possibilities for creating individual solutions.

With precise design and sewing, air-filled fabrics can be freely modified: by adding elements or changing shape. In this way, custom-made products are created, such as replicas of bottles, jars, or other objects.

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing

Fan 230 V

230V fan

Icon We Care About The Environment

We care for the environment

Fan Tent – Zwalcz Nudę

Fan Tents

The imposing shape of a tent from the Fan line stands out among other tents at all kinds of events. At the same time, the surface of the walls and roof provides a large space for your advertising message. All this makes a fan tent an effective advertising carrier.

Fan Arches

Lightweight yet impressively shaped fan arches can be set up quickly and safely, even over a wide road. They will be an excellent „signpost” for athletes and event participants, and as an organiser and sponsor, you will surely appreciate their advertising values. You can place logos, slogans, and decorative graphics on the legs and beam of the arch.

Fan Arch T Mobile

Wondering what a Fan carrier with your graphics will look like?

We will prepare a product visualisation for you so that you will see the end result immediately.

Fan Balloon – Działoszyn

Fan Balloon

The shape of a balloon evokes only positive associations – with travels, dreams, or children’s toys. This is an interesting starting point for advertising that draws strength from such positive emotions. Take advantage of this by purchasing a balloon with your advertising print!

Fan Pillar

A pillar with inflation is exceptionally easy to operate while at the same time providing a lot of surface for your advertising message. This makes it fair to say – an ideal carrier for outdoor events. What’s more, the shape of the pillar can be easily modified, and inflatable product replicas can be created.

Fan Pillars Adidas

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