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Pascal Line – constant-pressure products

The Pascal Line comprises products based on the construction of airtight TPU foil. This foil creates tubes onto which we overlay perfectly fitted polyester coverings.

Once inflated and the valve closed, Pascal carriers don’t require a constant power supply – they function as independent, very durable balloons of varied shapes.

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Polyester fabric

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TPU foil insert

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Sublimation printing

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Pascal Tent – Kopalnia Złota

Spider Tents

The most popular product in the Pascal Line is the tents known as spiders due to their silhouette resembling a large spider or igloo. This makes them highly eye-catching, with custom graphics heightening this already desirable effect.

Modular Tents

Modular tents are a product that, thanks to their modular construction, you can adapt to your needs. Set up as many modules as you need – one or several. What’s more, each module provides effective advertising space on which your custom print can appear.

Advertising Tent – Modular Tent – Fire Brigade

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Pascal Arch Kropla Beskidu

Starting arch

An inflatable starting arches from the Pascal line is essential for all kinds of racing events. In addition to marking the start or finish point, it also serves as an excellent advertising carrier for organisers and sponsors. Additionally, interchangeable banners allow for quick message adaptation to circumstances.

Multifunction Arch

Thanks to its unique construction, you can use it as a traditional starting arch or three independent columns. It’s an intriguing 4-in-1 product, which, with the help of appropriately prepared prints, serves brilliantly as an advertising carrier.

4in1 Arches – Procycling

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Advertising Pillars – Constant-pressure Pillars – Fi

Inflatable Pillar

A slim and stable inflatable pillar is ideal wherever space is limited, but you want your advertising message to be visible from a distance. The rigid base of the pillar facilitates anchoring, and its compact transport dimensions make it easy to move from place to place.

Inflatable Balloons

Pascal balloons are a new version of the charming and desirable advertising medium – they will make an elegant standout for your outdoor event. You can place any message on it, although the most common solution is a logo with an advertising slogan. The large surface of the balloon’s canopy will ensure that the graphic is well exposed. The Pascal balloon is simple to handle and easy to carry and transport.

Pascal Balloon Burger
Advertising Ball Inventini

Inflatable Balls

This inflatable shape opens up new and intriguing advertising possibilities. It is perfect as a base for creating a product replica. The right graphics will transform the inflatable ball into a ball, globe, ball of wool or bath ball.

Discover Pascal decorations

Pisanka Inventini Tło

Inflatable Christmas Bauble

An interesting proposition for a Christmas decoration that you can set up or hang in your company’s premises. The bauble, especially in a larger size, looks impressive. Be sure to place your logo and best wishes for your customers on it.

Christmas Bauble Pascal
Inflatable Easter Egg

Inflatable Easter Egg

This decoration will highlight the festive atmosphere in your company. A huge Easter egg in a basket will allow you to welcome your customers or employees with joyful, festive wishes from your company right from the doorstep.

See Pascal inflatable furniture

Stoliki Pascal Tło
Pascal Catering Table – Tack Room

Inflatable table

A stable, inflatable table can wonderfully replace traditional furniture during events outside the company premises. Elegant appearance and the ability to customise the print to individual needs mean that this carrier can become a real ornament in a booth or relaxation area.

Inflatable Counter

A practical kidney-shaped reception desk with storage will provide a comfortable place to receive clients and visitors. The necessary materials are always at hand, because inside the reception desk we have prepared several shelves that accommodate A4 format.

Pascal Counter – Jelenia Góra

Do you have your vision for a Pascal product?

If so, we’d be happy to give it a real form. Visualizations will show you what your product will look like.

Pascal Sofa – Coca Cola

Inflatable Sofa

Pascal inflatable sofas are colourful, eye-pleasing, attention-grabbing advertising products. They also have an advantage over other items of this kind, in that they are really comfortable. They will encourage many customers to take a rest and chat about the offer.

Inflatable Armchair

Inflated Pascal armchairs are an excellent way to attract customers’ attention. They can be used as an invitation to a comfortable rest or to discuss business matters. Such aesthetic, colourful items will be a successful way to promote any brand.

Pascal Armchair Amazon
Pascal Hocker MXR

Inflatable Hocker

Inflatable Pascal hockers are a modern item for promoting a company. They will help you stand out and attract the attention of potential customers. The stools can be printed with any design – a logo or inscription. In addition, they also serve practical functions. They can be used as comfortable seats or as a place to display advertising materials.

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