promotional tents for event

Do you need advertising, promotional or trade fair tents that would stand out with attractive graphic design? We will create a unique showpiece for you that would allow you to attract customers and promote your brand in the best way possible.

Inventini promotional tents have innovative structural solutions, thanks to which you will be able to adjust the tent to your individual needs.

The use of such features as the three-stage height adjustment system, the roof tension regulation and secure click system allow for simple and quick spreading or folding of the tent.

The branding tents produced by us occupy little space in transport and offer a large canopy after setting up.

Market tents provide roofing that is quick to assembly, which – thanks to high quality materials – works perfectly everywhere and at any time of the year.

A booth arranged in an interesting way will catch interest of people much easier, and thereby – will encourage potential customers to explore the offer presented. Commercial tents also have an effect on guests who are not directly in front of the booth. That is because the large size makes the tent visible from afar, thanks to which the advertisement placed on its surface will be easily noticed.

Promotional tents with printed design – make yourself stand out in the crowd of exhibitors

Are you getting ready for trade fairs? Or maybe you are the organizer of sport events and other outdoors events? It won’t do to attend the next event without a proper advertising tent. Why? The answer is simple – it will help you easily arrange your exhibition space and, at the same time, effectively advertise your company. The large surface, ready to be printed on, will allow you to present your logo, your company’s colors and advertising slogan in an aesthetically pleasing way. Advertising tents with printed design offer flexibility and a wide range of possibilities. Thanks to their thought-out structure, you can easily adjust them to your own needs. If you want, you can attach several walls to it (e.g. a full wall with your logo or a wall with two windows), thus creating a closed space, or attach ornamental curtains for legs that will make the open composition of your tent look even more attractive.

Inventini – manufacturer of advertising tents that cares for your safety

Advertising tents, just like any other structure that people stay under, should be solid, strong and durable. To ensure that our tents are like that, we manufacture their framework only using verified, high-quality anodized aluminum. Thanks to the strength of this material, you can feel safe. Furthermore, this structure is extremely lightweight and simple to assembly, which will allow you to set up the tent in less than 60 seconds! The tent’s roof is just as important. The walls and roof comprising Inventini advertising tents are produced of high quality polyester, waterproof and resistant to solar radiation. But that’s not all – for the colors of your logo to be stable and for the advertising tent to stand out with color intensity, we use ecological sublimation printing to print the designs you select – a unique technique that allows for obtaining multicolor printed designs resistant to fading.

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Promotional tents – manufacturing

The quality of even tents used during events is extremely important; each problem with the structure may result in the prepared booth being unfit for use. Tents are made of aluminum, as a result of which the framework is lightweight and can be set up quickly. Inventini event tent fabric was made from high-quality polyester and the entire surface can be covered in a professional printed graphics and logotypes made using digital printing, which provides the excellent visual appearance and long-lasting design. All elements, the framework and the print are covered by a guarantee.

setting up: 60 seconds

delivery: 7-10 days

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Premium tents

FRAME anodized aluminum
FABRIC polyester
PRINTS ecological sublimation printing
WEIGHT 17kg – 3x3m
22kg – 3×4,5m
30kg – 3x6m
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS 23 x 23 x 157cm – 3x3m
23 x 31 x 157cm – 3×4,5m
23 x 46 x 157cm – 3x6m

Premium tents with the profile cross-section of 45mm. After full anchoring they withstand winds blowing at 50km/h

namioty reklamowe standard wymiary szabli

namioty reklamowe wymiary
detale konstrukcji namiotu standard

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namioty reklamowe wymiary
detale konstrukcji namiotu premium


FRAME powder coated aluminum
FABRIC polYester
PRINTS ecological sublimation printing
WEIGHT 30kg – 3x3m
40kg – 3×4,5m
50kg – 3x6m
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS 32 x 32 x 165cm – 3x3m
32 x 48 x 165cm – 3×4,5m
32 x 64 x 165cm – 3x6m

Premium PRO tents with the profile cross-section of 52mm. After full anchoring they withstand winds blowing at over 50km/h.

namioty reklamowe premium wymiary szabli

Types of walls in tents

Walls used in tents can vary, thanks to which you can adjust the tent to your needs. From among several options, you can choose full walls, walls with windows or doors, half-walls, and ornamental curtains for legs. When choosing the right type of walls, you should mainly refer to the intended use of the tent. For example, commercial tents are often equipped with half-walls with counters, as well as a wall with a door, while event tents have three full walls.

typy ścian namiotów reklamowych

full wall
wall with a panoramic widow
wall with two windows
wall with a window
wall with a door
ornamental curtains for legs

Printed tents – order now!

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When ordering a tent with full printed design, you get high-quality prints, resistant to UV rays, made on durable fabric. Designs are printed using the latest digital printing technology. We use eco-friendly inks for printing, confirmed with certificates. As the manufacturer of tents, we pay special attention to quality of our products. We pay attention to how the fabric is sewn and how the designs are printed, while at the same time offering competitive prices. All this is supported by our original production management system, which allows us to perform production activities and inform you about our progress faster, easier and more effectively.

Are you curious as to how your advertising tent will look like?

Ask for a free visualization. Send us your logotypes and guidelines, and we will make the visualization. Out of ideas? Place your trust with our graphic designers and we will surely create something wonderful together.


Available tent accessories

– sanded weights 15kg, 20kg, 25kg;

– roofs, gutters, doors, and windows;

– half-walls and counters;

– flag holder;

– LED or halogen lighting;

– modular flooring 25x25cm;

– transport SAFE bag;

– heating;

– advertising furniture, poufs, tables, and chairs;

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