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Mobile, foldable advertising cubes

Industry events are extremely important for your overall marketing efforts. It is at such events that your potential customers and co-workers meet each other. So how to arouse their interest in your brand? The answer is simple – present yourself with an event cube!

Yoga Isomteric2

Timeless advertising solution

Cubes are a versatile advertising medium that will never become obsolete. You can use them to display your company’s logo or other graphics related to your company. As long as trade events exist and as long as people need a place to sit, you can use promotional cubes.

Yoga Advertising Cubes

The Yoga Cube comes as an alternative to the foam cube. They are an effective and practical solution for events, which can easily replace standard cubes. What is so special about them, you may ask?

The name Yoga Cube refers to the Indian art of meditation, primarily to the body being able to “fold” into various positions, but that’s only the name…just like the human body during exercises, the Yoga Cube can be folded – this is its greatest advantage. As compared to the standard cube, it occupies only one-fourth of the space, which allows for taking 5 times more items.

Yoga Cube Virst

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Yoga advertising cubes – surprise others through innovation!

You may be thinking, how to use a cube with a printed company design? There are so many possibilities that you are limited only by your imagination. promotional cubes can be used, first of all, as beanbags, chairs, compartments, or in any other way you can think of. You can place cubes to form different shapes, you can put each cube in a different place, creating a kind of jigsaw puzzle. Cubes are ideal for any kinds of fairs, exhibitions, conferences, or other trade events.

Get yourself noticed. Pick the printed cubes!

Keep in mind that their multifunctionality is not even their greatest advantage. It is in fact their advertising potential. They are not only a very comfortable seat but also an innovative means of advertising. Their interesting shape combined with a distinctive print cannot go unnoticed. It is obvious that customers appreciate originality and Yoga Cube is its epitome.

Yoga Cube
New Yoga Cube V2

Yoga Cube V2

Currently, we offer the Yoga Cube V2 as standard. Its creation was guided by two goals: cost reduction and even more practical use. The new Yoga has a completely removable cover – also from the seat. Thanks to this, you can change the graphics on the cube yourself. Moreover, the product has become even easier to clean! And it’s all thanks to Velcro. From the outside, the new Yoga looks exactly like its older version.

New Yoga Cube V2

Technical specs

Choose the shape:

Wymiary Produktow Yoga Cube Singe

Promotional Cubes

Promotional Yoga Cube with printed design works perfectly with any interior of a house, can be used as a quick seat at events, trade fairs – everything depends on our creativity.

40 x 40 x 7cm
50 x 50 x 7cm

3,3 kg – 40
5,9 kg – 50

Yoga Cube

Promotional Cuboids

Promotional Yoga Cuboids with any printed design will furnish any interior, house, event, trade fair, and a number of other places.

80 x 40 x 7cm
100 x 50 x 7cm

6,4 kg – 80
10,8 kg – 100

Polyurethane foam & wood structure

Sublimation or latex print

Polyester or eco-leather fabric

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Trade fair? Only with Yoga Cube!

The materials they are made of are a guarantee of their highest quality. In their production, we use polyester fabric or ecological leather. The frame is made of wood and polyurethane foam. For the colourful imprint, we are using the sublimation or latex printing technique. The cubes are available in several sizes to help you bring your vision to life. The cubes are lightweight, so they are easy to handle. What’s more, they don’t take up much space when folded, making them very convenient to transport.

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