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Inventini 9 Promotional seats 9 Promotional Beanbags

Comfortable and functional 

They are perfect as an effective advertising medium and a designer element of interior design. Such are the promotional beanbags: comfortable seats that can be successfully used during various types of events and trade fairs.

Beanbag Sako Decathlon

Inventini – top manufacturer of promotional beanbags

As the leading manufacturer of promotional beanbags, we do our best to ensure that the solutions we design, fully meet the individual expectations of all customers, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Using modern technological solutions, knowledge and many years of experience, we create original promotional beanbags that support marketing and promotional activities.

The way to stand out from the crowd

Just like every advertiser, you want your prospective customers to remember you. You want them to not only speak about you but also tell good things. You are fed up with cookie-cutter promotional materials that bring no results. Do some of the above statements fit you like a glove? We have a proposal for you – make yourself stand out by offering your customers something more than just standard services and unoriginal advertisement. Make them feel comfortable, at home in your seat or at your booth. How do you do this? The answer is simple! Create a relaxation lounge thanks to comfortable, broad promotional beanbags with a colourful printed design. These esthetically pleasing and, at the same time, functional portable pieces of furniture will attract the attention of potential customers and will make them interact with your brand, and thus better remember it. promotional beanbags work great mainly for various kinds of events during which every participant needs some time to rest. If you give him this rest, you’ll increase your chances for this participant to stay with you longer!

Invite your clients and make them feel at home.

Write to us. We will prepare an individual offer.

Promotional beanbags – place your bets on original seats during an event!

The seats we design provide effective advertisement during various kinds of corporate events, training, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, and even sports competitions. Thanks to the fact that they are filled with polystyrene foam granulate, they perfectly adjust to the body shape, thus providing high comfort of sitting. They are particularly perfect where, apart from high aesthetic qualities, comfort and relaxation are also important. promotional beanbags can be successfully used in pubs, cafes and outdoor gardens, and also as a branded gift or a casual showpiece presenting the company. They work well as an original addition to events held both outdoors and indoors.

Beanbag Large Beton

Technical specs

Choose a shape:

Wymiary Pufa Sako 5


Sako models – comfortable promotional seat, appreciated by every customer. They perfectly adjust to every body shape, at the same time allowing you to freely shape the seat as you want. They work great in places where the seat has to ensure the greatest comfort.

Increase the comfort of use – add a footrest to each pouffe.

105 x 105 x 95cm – L
85 x 85 x 85cm – M
70 x 70 x 75cm – S

L – 7kg, M – 6 kg, S – 5 kg

Fatboy beanbags

Designer Fatboy beanbags change their shape depending on individual needs, perfectly adapting to the body shape. They can also serve as convenient seats or couches, all depending on the individual shaping of the beanbag.

There is the possibility of creating pouffes in non-standard sizes and shapes, as well as choosing different fabrics.

180 x 140 x 40cm – XXL
180 x 100 x 30cm – XL

XXL – 8,5kg, XL – 7kg

Armchair Pouf

Promotional armchair pouffes may be an excellent combination of a comfortable armchair with the company’s showcase. The armchair pouffes we offer provide comfortable relaxation and can be used as an effective advertisement medium.

60 x 40 x 85cm


Polyester or eco-leather fabric

Sublimation or latex print

Polystyrene granulate insert

Let us create a unique beanbag for you!

Present your idea to us so we can find a solution together.

Beanbag Couch Chair

Inventini – trusted manufacturer of advertising pouffes

As an experienced manufacturer, we can proudly name a wide range of completed projects that have resulted in our customers’ great happiness. We make sure that our pouffes are carefully crafted and have a wide range of options for you to choose from. We produce armchair pouffes, Sako pouffes, as well as bean bags in various colours and sizes. Our printed pouffes are made of eco-leather and polyester. However, nothing stands in the way of you choosing the material from which we will make them for you. We will be happy to undertake even the most unusual orders and create advertising pouffes according to your own ideas. We make both single-colour pouffes as well as those decorated with a multicolour print on the whole surface – thanks to this your promotional possibilities are almost unlimited.

Where will promotional pouffes be the most effective?

Inventini pouffes are the ideal advertising medium for any event where there is a relaxation area for visitors. Our pouffes are very durable and therefore they are also suitable as a permanent element of interior design, e.g. in a company’s headquarters or showroom. The pouffes are also suitable for: 

  • outdoor events,
  • sports events,
  • music festivals and concerts,
  • receptions,
  • trade fairs.

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