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Promotional inflatable arch

The start/finish line is the place every athlete wants to reach. Reaching it is often a huge success. Just like choosing Pascal promotional gates may prove to be a success for you. It is an original and innovative way to present your brand, which will bring measurable effects. Putting your logo on a huge gate is a solution that will not go unnoticed.

Sports event

only with the Pascal arch!

All eyes on the gate

Inflatable start gates or inflatable finish gates are a place where the highest number of fans gathers during each sports event. These fans often spend most of their time doing nothing – after all, the athletes appear on the finish line only for a short while.

How about a media ad?

The start/finish line is also a place where journalists gather, and where television cameras and photo cameras often stop to shoot. Start gates are a unique opportunity for sponsors, organizers or the patrons of various events for sports presentation of a wide group of recipients.

Let others see you

n original printed design on the gate will certainly attract their attention and make them remember your product.

Realize your vision!

Write to us. We will prepare an individual offer.

Experienced and reliable manufacturer of advertising arches

An opportunity for promotion using promotional gates is created not only by sports events. Cultural events and various fairs also create the opportunity to present yourself with their use. It’s worth setting up gates wherever the media and prospective customers appear.

You never know what will catch their attention, and impressive inflatable gates are hard to miss.

Pascal arch on sports events!

Pascal promotional inflatable arch can be adjusted to your vision of the advertisement, consistent with the needs of your company. They are available in various shapes and sizes, which creates great freedom when selecting the print.


Despite their impressive sizes, you don’t have to worry about transportation and setting up. Gates can be set up quickly and transported easily.


Another advantage is the fact that they are extremely durable and can be used repeatedly, after modifying their appearance. High-quality materials used to manufacture them guarantee their durability. Perfect workmanship is provided by the manufacturers’ exceptional diligence and attention to details.   


Pascal Arch With Banner

Removable banner

with carabiners

Pascal Arch With Banners

Removable banners

with Velcro

Pascal Arch With Led Light

LED lighting

powered by rechargeable battery

Technical specs

Pascal Arch Specification

Rectangle gate

Establish your presence at a sports event with the easy to unfold and maintenance-free Pascal gate. You can set up the Pascal gate anywhere without access to electricity, so you have full mobility.

Pascal Arch Specification2

Polygon gate

Set up your arch wherever you want. Since Pascal is a constant pressure solution, you don’t need electricity to operate it at all times. You can inflate it with a vehicle battery or even a manual pump.

Pascal Zawór Pompujacy

Pumping valves

Allows you to set up a tent structure

Pascal Zawór Bezpieczenstwa

Safety valves

Prevents over-pumping

Key features

Icon number of people needed for assembly

For smaller arches you need one person to help you with assembling, for larger - two people

Icon Assembly time

You can assemble within 30 minutes

Icon tools needed for assembly

You need a pump

Icon the difficulty of assembling 2

Easy assembly - refer to the manual »


Durable polyester fabric


Ecological sublimation printing


TPU foil structure


We care about environment

Where does it work best?

Pascal is the best solution for any place where you want to present your brand in an impressive way, whilst also providing your guests with a roof over their heads in case of rain.

  • rallies,
  • runs
  • bicycle racing.

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