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Advertising inflatable pillars

Inflatable promotional pillars are a very spectacular way to make our booth or company yard more colourful. Their oval form is the perfect carrier for graphics and logotypes, making it possible to obtain extremely spectacular advertisements that will attract the attention of potential customers. Thanks to their height, pillars are visible from afar, providing proper exhibition for graphics and trademarks. If several products of this type are set up, they will make the booth stand out among other exhibitors in a positive way.

Fan Slup Isometric

Inflatable pillars – an easy road to success

Fan Pillars

Have you ever thought about promoting your business using colourful inflatable promotional pillars? If not, it’s high time to change this!

promotional pillars with printed design have a whole lot of advantages and applications – they offer a large promotional space you can design according to your idea, they guarantee easy and fast assembly, as well as the effective impact on a broad group of recipients. Furthermore, you can modify them in any way, thanks to which they will take on really original shapes.

The oval form of a promotional pillar is an excellent base for creating effective promotional. Thanks to the size and method of assembly of the pillar, you can use it almost anywhere – both during outdoor events, in the yard of your registered office and inside the building, thus creating interesting decor and attracting the attention of potential customers.

A well-exposed logo, an original design and carrier, and perfectly represented company’s colours are the first step to encouraging people to explore your offer.

Inventini – a reliable manufacturer of promotional pillars

We are an experienced manufacturer of inflatable marketing products such as pillars, tents and balloons. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, therefore we always meet their expectations and do our best to implement every idea. Our inflatable marketing pillars are of high quality and carefully designed in consultation with the customer. Each stage of production can be tracked by the customer in our proprietary ERP system, so you can follow the progress of production in real-time. Our graphic designers will make every effort to ensure that the final effect is impressive and meets your expectations.


Vast possibilities to create an attractive visual message.

Allow us to prepare an individual offer for you

Easy installation, a wide range of shapes, supplementary lighting

Exhibition promotional pillars are lightweight and easy to assemble. They are very light, thanks to which you can carry them on your own, and they are small and very simple to transport when folded. To make it easier for you, we attach a special bag with a zipper to the ordered promotional pillar, which will let you freely carry the pillar on your shoulder. Furthermore, the pillarcan be set up in no more than 180 seconds! All you need to do is connect a special blower and the promotional pillar with your logotype will automatically fill with air. Inventini promotional pillars can be freely modified, which will let you achieve exactly the result you need. Do you want your promotional pillar to resemble a can or a bottle of any beverage? No problem! Do you need a backlit marketing carrier? That’s also doable! We are the only ones who can create a pillar backlit with battery-powered lighting with a remote-control option. Contact us and tell us about your needs, and we’ll make almost every idea a reality. Don’t hesitate!

Technical specs

Wymiary Słupy Fan

Advertising inflatable pillars – Fan Line

The dimensions given are only proposals, we are able to make any pillar with a height of max. 10m .
The set includes: advertising pillar, user manual, anchoring set, hammer, fan, bag. The pillar requires a constant power source to maintain its shape.

60 x 60 x 25cm, 45 x 16 x 10cm – 2m
80 x 80 x 25cm, 45 x 16 x 10cm – 3m
90 x 90 x 25cm, 45 x 16 x 10cm – 4m

9,5kg – 2m
10,5kg – 3m
11,5kg – 4m

Pillar with double base


The double rigid base allows you to place a 15 kg weight inside that allows you to use the pillar outside without lashings


The central mounting of the fan allows you to apply graphics around the perimeter and eliminates column bending due to the weight of the fan itself. In addition, this design allows you to reduce the noise from the fan by lower air suction


Exchangeable profiles fastened with a zipper

Adjustable feet

Enables the possibility of levelling the pillar on uneven ground

Check out the Pascal Line

Pascal pillars are fixed pressure products that do not require a permanent power supply. Check out all of our solutions and choose the best one for you.

Key features

Icon number of people needed for assembly

You can assemble the pillar yourself, but it will be easier with the help of another person

Icon Assembly time

You can assemble within 15 minutes

Icon tools needed for assembly

You have all the tools you need in set

Icon the difficulty of assembling 2

Easy assembly - refer to the manual »


Durable polyester fabric


Ecological sublimation printing

Icon Plug

Fan 230 V


We care about environment

Make your vision a reality

Present your idea to us so we can find a solution together.

Fan Pillar Jar

Pneumatic advertising pillars

Pillars with the printed design are made of high-quality polyester fabrics, which stand out with their resistance to weather conditions and great resistance to tearing and other damage. Thanks to the small weight and convenient spreading method, their transport and use are extremely easy and practical. If you maintain a minimal level of caution, you can be sure that event pillars will serve you for years with no signs of wear. A great advantage of pillars as compared to other forms of outdoor promotional is the fact that, in spite of their height, they occupy relatively little space on the ground, so they work perfectly when our exhibition space is limited. The graphic designs on promotional pillars are made using the eco-friendly and durable digital printing method, allowing for obtaining incredible effects.

Where does
it work best?

Our advertising pillars will work best for any event where you want your logo to be clearly visible both during the day and at night.

    Where does
    it work best?

    Our advertising pillars will work best for any event where you want your logo to be clearly visible both during the day and at night.

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