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Startent promotional tents will perform their function at every event. They will be perfect during promotion of a new product, a conference, a banquet or a private party in the garden. A star-shaped tent is an extremely effective thanks to eye-catching roofing.

Inventini – a leading manufacturer of tents

As the leading manufacturer of tents we have been doing our best to make our solutions meet individual expectations of all clients, including functional and aesthetic terms. Thanks to innovative technological solutions, our knowledge and experience of many years, we create original promotional products that support marketing and promotional actions of the company.

An event tent – a star-shaped tent suitable also for night events

Star-shaped tents with suitable lighting are very popular at night events. It is enough to place inside various headlamps and LED downlights or assemble event lighting outside the tent. Climatic lighting, excellent drinks and tasty snacks will complete the whole to make your guests satisfied, make themselves comfortable and familiar.

Outdoor events are more and more popular. We can hear all the time about festivals, family picnics, fairs and street runs etc. Organisers of the events have to do everything to attract as many people as possible. It is obvious that the weather is capricious, that is why it is worth thinking about tents in which people may hide from sunlight or pouring rain.

Create special atmosphere at an outdoor banquet or an event thanks to Startent.

Write to us. We will prepare individual offer.

Startent with print
Startent is a modern event tent which star-shaped.

The tent is based on solid steel construction creating characteristic pointed roof going down to the ground. Its main advantage is modern shape as well as enormous advertising space which may be printed freely on a client’s request. Polyester fabric is very resistant to changeable weather conditions, whereas professional printing guarantees perfect and durable colour reproduction. The size of the tent goes hand in hand with its enormous roofing space. The smallest roofing dimensions are of 100m2!

Startent tents normal

10 m – 8
13,7 m – 10
17,5 m – 12

(without walls / with walls)
10 m – 3/4
13,7 m – 5/6
17,5 m – 7/8

(without walls / with walls)
10 m – 60/74 kg
13,7 m – 104/120 kg
17,5 m – 147/166 kg

Big startent tent

12,6 m – 8
17,2 m – 10
21,7 m – 12

(without walls / with walls)
12,6 m – 3/4
17,2 m – 5/6
21,7 m – 7/8

(without walls / with walls)
12,6 m – 67/84 kg
17,2 m – 115/137 kg
21,7 m – 162/188 kg

Important information

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

Are you looking for large advertising space which will protect your clients against capricious weather?

Write to us. We will prepare individual offer.

Startent tent with print

Due to their modern design and well as materials they are made of, Startents are one of the cheapest tents. Solid construction consisting of steel foundation and the mast have to support enormous roofing space. The roof is also made of high quality water-proof and fire-resistant materials. Mast lines and crank, which enables easy folding of the tent, are the key tent elements improving its value. Attractive appearance and enormous advertising space with individual printing cause that Startents may be seen at a large distance.

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