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Yoga Cube

Yoga Cubes are presented as an alternative for foam cubes. These practical, extremely functional and, at the same time, very handy event products replace standard cubes. You may ask, what is so unusual about them?

Manufacturer of promotional Cubes You Can Trust

Trade events play an extremely important marketing role. They are attended by our prospective customers and collaborators. How to raise their interest in your brand? The answer is simple – present yourself using event cubes! It’s impossible not to appreciate this innovative promotion medium. You can use them to present the logo of your company or another related graphic design. Cubes are a universal promotional medium, which will never become outdated. As long as trade events exist and as long as people need a place to sit, you can use promotional cubes.

Kokstki reklamowe Yoga Cube
Promotional Yoga Cube

The name Yoga Cube refers to the Indian art of meditation, primarily to the body being able to “fold” into various positions, but that’s only the name…just like the human body during exercises, the Yoga Cube can be folded – this is its greatest advantage. As compared to the standard cube, it occupies only one fourth of the space, which allows for taking 5 times more things.

Invite your clients and make them feel like at home.

We will prepare an individual offer for you

Cube seat with print
Promotional Yoga Cubes - surprise others with your innovativeness!

You may be thinking, how to use a cube with a printed company design? There are so many possibilities that you are limited only by your imagination. promotional cubes can be used, first of all, as beanbags, chairs, compartments, or in any other way you can think of. You can place cubes to form different shapes, you can put each cube in a different place, creating a kind of jigsaw puzzle. Cubes are ideal for any kinds of fairs, exhibitions, conferences, or other trade events.

Let yourself be noticed and choose commercial cubes with printed design!

However, their multifunctionality is not their greatest advantage. It lays in their promotional potential. Event cubes with printed design are not only a comfortable seat, but also an innovative promotional medium. Using cubes, your prospective customers will surely remember your brand. Their interesting shape in combination with the outstanding printed design cannot go unnoticed. It is obvious that customers appreciate originality, and this is personified in promotional Yoga Cubes.

Cube seat
Single Yoga Cube

Promotional Yoga Cube with printed design works perfectly with any interior of a house, can be used as a quick seat at events, trade fairs – everything depends on our creativity.

40 x 40 x 40cm
50 x 50 x 50cm

2 kg - 40
2,5 kg - 50

DIMENSIONS Promotional Yoga Cube
Double Yoga Cube

Promotional Yoga Cubes with any printed design will furnish any interior, house, event, trade fair, and a number of other places.

40 x 40 x 80cm
50 x 50 x 100cm

4 kg - 40
5 kg - 50

Important information

The construction of polyurethane foam and wood

Sublimation or latex print

Polyester or eco-leather fabric

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

We are able to make them in any shape. We are only limited by our imagination.

Do you have your own idea for a non-standard shape? Show it to us and we’ll make a solution corresponding to your idea together.

Promotional Cube with print
Promotional fairs only with Yoga Cubes

The materials used to manufacture branded cubes with a logo guarantee their highest quality. They are manufactured using polyester fabric or faux leather. Wood and polyurethane foam is used to prepare their framework. Designs are printed using sublimation and latex printing technology. They are available in two sizes, to make your vision a reality as well as possible. Cubes are very light, thanks to which you can easily carry them. They don’t take up much space, which facilitates their transport.

Make your vision come true!

Show us your idea so that we could find a solution together.

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