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Promotional director chairs are a popular and very effective promotion tool, always present during various types of events and fairs. Thanks to their form, they are inexpensive, practical and easy to transport. Inventini is a recognized manufacturer of advertising materials, with experience in designing aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions, also in the scope of chairs and other advertising seats.

Nothing is quite as inviting as a relaxation lounge at an outdoor event, and it’s hard to imagine such a lounge without chairs decorated with printed advertising designs.

Chairs with printed design are an effective element of visual identification of the company. They allow you to stand out among other exhibitors and create an attractive space with displayed trademarks. They are a necessary element in organizing a friendly and effective promotional booth. Chairs with printed design may also be a practical piece of equipment for an office or a conference room.


Imagine an event hall filled with promotional director chairs with printed design displaying the logo of your company… Dozens of people are sitting on them, resting and enjoying being there. Sounds like just a dream? Not at all! If you want to advertise your company in an unusual way, order folding advertising chairs and let your customers rest for a while. Organize a relaxation lounge at a sports event, fill a screening room with original director’s chairs or simply set them up on a lawn in a park – a growth in the number of positive associations with your company is guaranteed!

Promotional director chairs and armchairs are a great way to advertise – they are not only extremely aesthetically pleasing, but also perform a practical function, thanks to which your prospective customers will associate you with something valuable. Get rid of ineffective leaflets, littering our daily life and the natural environment, and place your bets on original marketing instead, which will let you stand out in the crowd of advertisers.



Are you looking for a manufacturer of branded director chairs that will successfully meet the challenge and execute your order, taking care of every detail? We are at your disposal! We execute orders for advertising chairs with printed designs in two shapes. Standard advertising chairs are folding pieces of furniture made of steel – extremely aesthetically pleasing, stable and durable. The second model is the so-called director’s chair, which perfectly complement the scenery of outdoor events. Lightweight, easy to transport and exceptionally visually attractive, they will successfully advertise your brand during all kinds of outdoors events.

When producing advertising chairs, we try to ensure that each of them meets all of your expectations. Each of them is characterized by high quality and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions. Chairs are produced only using verified materials – high-quality faux leather, polyester, wood, and steel. The print itself is just as important – it should perfectly reflect colors, be resistant to fading and 100% eco-friendly. Do you expect high-quality, comprehensive service and quick order execution? Then stay with us longer!

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We offer two models of advertising chairs. Standard folding chairs with steel frame work particularly well inside, for example as seats in a conference room, canteen or waiting room. Apart from performing a practical function, they will be an effective promotion of the company, especially thanks to printed advertisements. Seats and backrests can be made of polyester or faux leather, depending on the expected aesthetic effect.

The second option is the director’s chair, which perfectly complements booths during an outdoors event. Their classic, esthetically pleasing design and the comfort they provide attract people to our booth and will generate positive associations with the brand in potential customers. These chairs stand out with their lightweight structure, which will their transport and set-up will pose no problems. Advertising chairs can be made of aluminum or beech wood.

setting up: 60 seconds

delivery: 7-10 days

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FRAME beech wood, galvanized ironwork
FABRIC polyester
PRINTS ecological sublimation printing

erfect wherever you want to feel like the director of your event. Classic wooden and lightweight aluminum structures work both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor events, open-air cinema, gatherings, cultural events are only some of the places where chairs can be encountered.

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Inventini directors chairs are characterized by high quality of workmanship and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Made of high quality wood and steel, they guarantee resistance to various types of damages while using.

We execute printed designs in the digital printing method, using eco-friendly inks with the OEKO certificate. Our prints are precise, faithfully reflect original colors, and are characterized by high durability. When designing, we pay attention to comments of our customers, so as to obtain an original and satisfactory result.

We also offer free visualizations and assistance of our graphic artists, who will suggest the most interesting solutions.

Do you have your own vision of a chair?

Show us your vision and we will give you advice and create your advertising chair together.

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