Functional and impressive promotional inflatable stools

Are you looking for an unconventional and reliable promotional medium? promotional bar stools with printed designs will work perfectly for you. If you are a frequent guest at conferences, fairs, exhibitions, cultural or sports events, event bar stools with printed designs will be an original decoration of your booth. Think, who you want to reach, and place your bar stools in the right spots. promotional bar stools are an idea straight out of a bar – maybe that’s the right spot to put them? Or maybe the company’s seat?

Comfortable and fully mobile Pascal inflatable seat

They will work great in most places where your prospective customers may appear, and they will certainly attract them to your brand like a magnet. You choose the look of your bar stool yourself! Do you want your company logo to be proudly presented on it? Or maybe you prefer to attract customers with an intriguing promotional slogan? No problem! Bar stools with printed design are a solution intended not only for promotional purposes, but also for utility. They are made to resemble bar stools, so you can place other materials promoting your company on them, for example leaflets or brochures.

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Event bar stools with printed designs – attract customers

promotional bar stools are the answer to all your needs. They are an indispensable aid in promoting your company. Trade events are usually attended by entire crowds of entrepreneurs wanting to draw the attention of potential customers. You can stand out among them only with resourcefulness and innovation. These qualities are embodied by Pascal bar stools.

setting up: 180 seconds

delivery: 7-10 days

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Pascal bar stools

FABRIC polyester
PRINTS ecological sublimation printing
WEIGHT 3,2kg -42x50cm
5,2kg -42x70cm
42 x 25cm

wymiary hocker pascal

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Do you need a seat for a party? Check Pascal bar stools

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Inventini, as an experienced manufacturer of promotional bar stools, ensures their precise workmanship and top quality. They are made of polyester fabric, and designs are printed using sublimation printing technology, which guarantees their resistance. However, they are more than just reliable – commercial bar stools are also characterized by designer appearance that will not go unnoticed. They are backlit, so they will advertise your services at any time of day and night. The set includes durable LED lighting.
Since the bar stools are inflatable, they are not problematic in transport. The set includes a hand pump and an electric pump, which makes the assembly a child’s play.

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