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Promotional inflatable pillars

Inflatable poles can be also set up during various events, which can promote your company. They will surely attract potential customers to your booth. The pole’s size allows you to place quite a large advertisement on it that will let you stand out among other exhibitors. Show your innovativeness and originality, and invest in promotional poles with printed design!

Promotional inflatable pillars lead customers almost like a GPS device

Inflatable poles are an innovative marketing solution that will contribute to the success of your brand. You can place the logo of your company or another related graphic design on them. If customers have problems with locating the seat of your company, promotional poles with printed design will prove to be an invaluable aid. An outstanding, colorful pole in the company yard will not go unseen. Customers will notice your presence, even if your facility is hidden among other buildings or located at the outskirts. Of course, inflatable event poles can be also placed inside buildings. They will become a decoration of every rooms and a hallmark of your company.

Promotional event pillars
Inventini – reliable manufacturer of promotional inflatable pillars

What are other reasons why you should invest in advertisements on poles? They are available in several sizes, thanks to which you can adjust them to your needs and place a graphic design of any size on them. An unquestionable advantage of poles is also the fact that they can be freely modified to take on different shapes. A bottle, a can, a battery – no problem! You are limited only by your imagination.

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Event inflatable pillars
Pascal Line pillars

Promotional inflatable pillars are backlit, which will let them promote your services 24 hours a day. Vivid colors and subtle lighting guarantees that your advertisement will surely not go unnoticed. Poles are made of strong materials (polyester fabric), so you don’t have to worry about their durability. They will beautifully present the image of your company and bring you customers for a long time. You can use them repeatedly, and carrying them and transporting to different places is not a problem. They are very lightweight, so you carry them from one place to another on your own. Their assembly also does not require special skills.

Festival big pillars
Pascal Line pillars

42 x 30cm
64 x 30cm
85 x 30cm

6,4kg - 2×0,42m
10,6kg - 3×0,64m
14,8kg - 4×0,85m

Important information

Polyester fabric

Ecological sublimation printing

Polyurethane insert

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

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