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Promotional inflatable counters

Participation in various kinds of fairs, exhibitions and organizers. To be noticed, you need to stand yourself in the crowd of exhibitors. You can be helped in this endeavor by counters with printed designs. A counter that presents your company logo will surely positively affect its image. You can also put another attention-grabbing graphic design on the counted - you are limited only by your imagination!

Promotional inflatable counters will help you present yourself well

A solution worth considering is also placing a counter with printed designs in the reception area of the seat of your company. This promotion method will allow you to increase the recognizability of your brand and the related symbols. Intriguing promotional counters with printed design will add self-confidence to employees standing behind them. They will better represent your company and encourage your visitors to explore its offer. Smiling, self-confident employees and an original counter are the key to success!

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Adverting inflatable counters
Pascal promotional inflatable counters – make yourself stand out!

Commercial counters with printed design are a place that will help you in sales or distribution of gadgets promoting your operations. Various lanyards, pens, calendars – all of this can look beautiful on designer counters. Event counters should be, above all, functional. After all, it’s a surface, on which various promotional materials are placed. Inventini – manufacturer of promotional counters – provides such products. They are reliable, provide not only a usable area, but also promotional space. They will certainly bring a huge group of future customers to your booth!

Inflatable Counter
Inflatable Pascal Counter

Promotional counters are a good investment also because they can be used repeatedly. Hence, there can go with you to many events throughout many years. They can be transported and carried with no problem. Counters can be also set up easily and no technical skills are necessary – anyone can do it. Make yourself stand out among other exhibitors and choose the Pascal promotional counter!

120 x 60 x 15cm

13,2kg - 120x40x110cm

Important information

Polyester fabric

Ecological sublimation printing

Polyurethane insert

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

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