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Promotional inflatable armchair

Do you want to create mobile relaxation zone which will fit into the boot of a passenger car? Choose Pascal modern inflatable armchairs and you will provide your guests with comfort and perfect promotional space. It is worth remembering that comfort and convenience have an impact on wellbeing of your clients. A well-designed place is the key to success at every event!

PASCAL promotional armchairs – create your own relaxation zone

The more time spent on our stand, the higher chances that we will win a new client. Thus it is worth remembering that thanks to calm and comfort place, you will be able to talk more with your potential clients. Pascal armchair is made in your visual identity colours and emphasizes the best features of your company. It will present as a good partner to cooperate with.

Inventini Promotional seats
An event set – promotional sofas and armchairs

Armchairs combined with sofas and an appropriate table will create friendly atmosphere during your event. The promotional furniture contributes to creating places to sit for several people. Thanks to them it is possible to organise big relax and comfort zone. You will provide your guests with the best possible – comfortable and relaxing place. Modern design of the Pascal furniture is obtained due to streamline shape adjusted to every interior and exterior. Simultaneously despite its weight, the furniture is stable and massive. A Pascal armchair means not only modern design bit also comfort and useful sitting.

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Pascal armchair – a quick way of advertising

I take sonly 2 minutes to start using the promotional armchair. Contact-free pumping system guarantees trouble-free air-filling. However, the most significant advantage of the inflatable Pascal armchair is its light weight of 4 kg as well as transport dimensions. The armchairs takes only 55x45x25 cm which is equal to a small travel bag. It allows for packing several pieces to a small boot of a passenger car. When going for an event, you will appreciate the result of creating so much from so small luggage.

Promotional seats events
Pascal armchair

The set includes: polyurethane insert (TPU), polyester fabric cover, bag, repair kit. Accelerate unfolding and folding with a suitable manual or electric pump.

55 x 45 x 25 cm

4,5 kg

Important information

Polyester fabric

Ecological sublimation printing

Polyurethane insert

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

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Armchair seats event with print
Production of the inflatable Pascal armchair

Air was the source of inspiration for the production of the Pascal armchair. We have harnessed it and adjusted to modern shape. The Pascal inflatable sofas have been produced to enchant with their shape and comfort. The top planking was made of special polyester fabric of high resistance to mechanical damages and water-proof. The fabric is perfect foe ecological digital print confirmed with OEKO-TEX® certificate, characterized by perfect colour saturation as well as increased resistance to weather conditions. On the other hand, the sofas were made of TPU robust fabric which maintain stable pressure inside the system. Such performance guarantees the highest resistance and stability while using the Pascal sofas.

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